A Windy Day in Fullarton Woods | Nature Photography in Ayrshire | Nikon Z7

finally a sunny day when I’ve actually got time to go out and try and take some
pictures but it’s really windy I’ve come down to Troon Beach and the idea was to
try and take some pictures and video of the wading birds but it’s just too windy to
even hold a lens steady luckily I know that the flocks of curlew often found
on the on the fields just outside of Troon and if I approach those through
the woodland at Fullarton then maybe I’ll be able to get somewhere sheltered and
actually watch them from there this is the first video I’ve made in 2019 even
though one of my New Year’s resolutions was to make more videos and
sort of do them bit more consistently but the weather has just been awful at
the times that I’ve been able to go out and then the one weekend when I did have time to go out and try and make a vlog I managed to ruin all the footage right let’s go to the woods so I’m in the woods now and I’ve been
walking around through here I’ve looked into the fields and there’s not really
very much going on but there’s some there are better fields further along
where it’s a bit wet and that’s more likely to have the curlew in it just an awesome moment with that little
Robin there he just popped up just popped up on the path in front of me and
didn’t seem shy at all that’s great I was able to get a little bit of video
he’s back again now so I’m gonna try and take some pictures as well oh what a treat
who are treats in nuthatch as well oh that’s excellent it was only there for a
second and I just got that one shot but oh that’s really good I knew they were in
these woods but I’d not seen one yet that’s probably that’s the first time
I’ll have to be back maybe put some peanuts in crevices in the trees and see
if I can get some footage of them in the future anyway better go and see if I can
find those curlew now I don’t know whether this is gonna work for the wind it’s pretty windy here but I’ve come towards the edge of the woods now
and I’ve just been told by somebody walking their dog that there’s a big
flock of curlew just around the corner so I’m gonna creep up quietly and see if
see if I can get close to them. I don’t know how long I’m gonna last here on the
edge where it’s windy because I’m getting pretty cold and I’ve been a
total numpty and I’ve left my jacket in the house so we’ll see how I get on right back in the woods now that was
good fun watching the curlew there they were quite close but then a group of
people with a particularly energetic spaniel came past and that was the end
of it the curlew at the other end of the field after that this has been my
first outing vlogging and using the z7 for videoing and I am really
impressed it’s really really it’s doing everything that I was hoping it would do
one of the main reasons I got the the new camera was because it’s capable of
far far better autofocus in video mode and today I’ve been able to video the
curlew and that was using a tripod and that was good but I’ve also been able to
take reasonable handheld video with 200 to 500 millimeter lens at 500
millimeters which was simply impossible on the previous camera by getting the z7 instead of the z6 actually the DX crop mode of the z7 is very
similar resolution to the D500 which I’ve now sold so I’ve got the best of
both worlds so despite sitting down in the sunshine
now I think I think I got too cold out watching the curlew just now so I think
I’m gonna call it a day thanks so much for watching I’ve got
lots of plans for more videos going forward into 2019 and hopefully
with the arrival of a gimbal probably tomorrow this will be the last video
where it’s got this horrendously shaky footage when I do these pieces to camera
so I look forward to that so yeah as always
thank you very much for for watching and goodbye

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