Hello, good morning. Welcome, everyone. So today I will try to show you my day Today is monday, my day off. And as many of you know. I’m Pregnant. And whenever I’m off, I’m trying to take the day off calmly. This is what I will try to show you. If you are new here Welcome my name is Jú and for those who are always coming back thank you very much for your support. And God bless you all. I don’t have many plans for today. Only here at home. so I will try to show you my day to see what my days are like. For the aunts and uncles who are very worried thinking I’m doing a lot I am trying not to do too much. Because even though I’m feeling better than in early pregnancy. I’m still tired. I don’t have much strength. I don’t have much energy. and I’m trying to save that energy. Even as I speak I get breathless. Just up the stairs I get breathless. I try to do yoga here at home. Whenever I have the opportunity to go hiking, I will. For the uncles and aunts, I’m being cautious. I’m trying to take good care of this belly here. and yes that is it. There are times when I get very strong. And I do a lot of things but I also have moments when I get very weak. So I am trying to balance. But I’m not that crazy cleaner anymore that I am normally. So let’s go get some rest. Let’s get some rest, I’ll lie down and I’ll be right back. Hi guys look at my face, very inflamed. I went to rest. and I ended up sleeping I slept an hour. It happens a lot. Since I got pregnant I sleep sleep. So I’m going down to see if I eat something. And then see if I vacuum the living room. and mop And a swiffer, because weekend I did nothing. Just to keep the house clean. and I’ll see if I can fold my laundry too. I’ll eat this soup that I improvised last night. and bread Christiaan has already left school. I just picked him up. You won’t believe me, I haven’t vacuumed the floor yet. And it’s already 15:30. and I haven’t cleaned it yet, it’s the two things I wanted to do here in the room. and dust with a swiffer, I’ll see if I can do it now. But I’m pretty lazy. Christiaan is showing you what he did at school. show it there, hold it like this. and explain. speak is for …. come a little behind It’s from school, because tomorrow is Thanksgiving. And that’s why we did it. We were allowed to put something inside. I put a bible and a tent. And here is the tent. This is for Thanksgiving. Here it is written. wait thank you for the fruits of the earth and now what will we do? Stomp the balloons. ok guys one of the girls who follows the channel. Watched the video of Christiaan’s little party, along with her daughter. and asked us to do a game they have there in America. that ties the balloons to the leg, to the bottom. and they will stomp it. but sorry, I’m not strength enough to be walking behind Christiaan. to stomp the balloons. so let’s do it differently. Without tying up the balloons. Christiaan is all happy, because he’s going to stomp all the balloons left here from his birthday. So come on. I hope our friend and daughter enjoy the video. Come on Christiaan. come on I still have a surprise! ok folks here are the balloons that were left of the party. Some of them the children had already pop them. Now the Crhistiaan will stomp the rest. 1,2,3 pop it mom to help? not… Mom is afraid of that. I’m afraid. Close your ears. it popped !!! finally! the small one of them gave more work. guys, we have already finished the balloon game. Now I’ll make some hot chocolate. I’ll make some hot chocolate to drink. Christiaan offered to clean the mess we did with the balloons. while I am preparing the chocolate for him. Yes) For me chocolate. for you chocolate? Yes Do you want to sit at the table or there sit there. do you want to sit there? okay ok. Let’s sit on the couch. Christiaan is eating biscuits and drinking a chocolate, which I heated in the microwave. for me i did this …. because he doesn’t want to eat fruit. I made mango here. Today I really wanted to eat mango. and with some salt. Mango with salt. And here I have a lemon juice that I made myself. Now let’s go eat. TV on. I just sat down and sat down. I didn’t vacuum, I didn’t clean the floor, I didn’t dust Tomorrow is Tuesday. I usually have this day of relaxation. because from Tuesday it is only work, until Friday. no on Wednesday. so monday my routine is a little slower. I usually do upstairs on Mondays, but last night as I had a little strength, I already did the bathroom Today I just did the toilet. and a quick broom in the rooms and a swiffer. If I have strength tomorrow morning, I’ll do thedownstairs. As you can see, it’s not dirty. But only that the floor. there’s always that dust coming in and out So the floor is not that clean, but let’s do it like this! pretend that is clean … As long as the house is tidy, I get relaxed. Before picking up Christiaan I went to a store called Kruidvat. and found there some organizers that I wanted to buy at the IKEA store but found it here at a good price. I’ll exercise, if it looks good in the drawers, then I keep them. but if not, I’ll have to bring it back. Look it’s only 17:30 but it is already very dark outside. 20 and …. But not. It’s only 5:30 pm. Now I will show you the things I bought. to show you the room where the new family member will be sleeping. this first door here, which I don’t show much in the videos. It is usually the room for when we receive visitors. And next door is the room where we have the washing machines. so what did I do, as the baby is on the way, so I had to improvise. There was a bed here, I put it in the room where the machines are, there’s no other way. So let’s see how this room looks. The room is so full of things. the closet that was in the laundry room. I already put it here. every furniture that is here was from Christiaan. Thank God it is white furniture that can be used for girls and boys. then the curtain. This curtain will leave, I want to change it. and the bathtub was from Christiaan. It is still in good condition so let’s use it again. and already bought some things I want to use here for decoration. for example this mirror. and this is the other angle. and here is the dresser. There’s Christiaan’s trash can. there are some bedding here. I want to reuse. bough this for me. Cold weather. to use at home. and The organizers I bought are these. 1 euro and 99 cents the small. and for the big ones. 2 euros and 49 cents I’ll open just one of each. To see if it gets here. in these drawers. I already opened one of them, so it comes with the box. and this part comes with these buttons that you have to put here. click it here and there is the part that is for the botton of the box. it lookslike this. but there is a space I can put some lower organizers here. to put other things. but what I want is one that starts hereto there I’ll see if the big one will fit well. look guys. this one fits very well inside the drawer but only this space is here now i’m here wondering, what to do with that space and I want to use it in the three drawers. Oh my God. I have to find one that fits here. I don’t know if I’ll find it. so I’m in doubt. I tried to change the position, but it’s too big. I have to think. What do you guys think? Do I get the big ones? and looking for some little ones that fit here? Can you give me any ideas please? Need help. Please. but, I like it. I wanted something that fit like this I am trying to figure out how I will decorate this room. I want a very minimalist room and very neutral I don’t want colors, blue or pink. I want white, or gray. and maybe a color like this yellow or green. Black too. but I don’t want typical colors for girls or boys. pink and blue. I do not want. still have a long way to go. Along way.. I still don’t know.. but I am here trying to find ideas. the girls there on instagram have already given me some ideas. I liked almost all of them. Now I’m going down to warm the food. I won’t cook today. yesterday I did lasagna I did a lot of lasagna that enough leftover for me and Christiaan. Hubby is working at night and will only come tomorrow. It’s almost 8:00 pm, 19:45 And Christiaan is already upstairs getting ready for bed. the bathroom. he must have peed. so I will go there. What’s upp? I just wanted to see how you are doing. It’s alright with us. kiss Go take off your clothes. Yes. Mom is coming. He came to check if everything is fine with us. Let me show you how the house is. I always try to clean the kitchen. But even when I don’t clean the house, everything has to go back to its place. Everything has to be tidy. the kitchen here the room This paint was up stairs, is now down here. here are our clothes for tomorrow often when the hubby has a night shifts. Christiaan asks to sleep here. and look at his happiness. very happy. what is this dance? He is going to sleep in my room today. Let’s say a prayer and let’s go to sleep. I mean, wait for him to sleep and then I’ll take a shower. so Christiaan is already sleeping. And I almost slept too. but I decided to get up and end this vlog. That’s its guys, I hope you like this vlog. I don’t know howt it’s going to look like, but this is real life. Real life, and guys I’m pregnant. can I be lazy for a day? so thank you so much for watching, a kiss. God bless you all. Bye and until next time.


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    Great once again.

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    Sua casa sempre limpa bem organisada e muito linda

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  6. Cindy4c Tv November 6, 2019 at 10:19 pm

    Wooo love your introduction. I was like watching a movie and I listen to joyce Meyers preaching too. Quite motivating. Ok let me continue watching. The translation does help a lot, thanks

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