8 Creepy Things People Caught On Camera

Have you ever seen something so creepy
you wished you had a camera to record it well that’s what happened to these
people who called incredibly scary things on camera from a mysterious girl
who haunts a cemetery in Texas to a Tesla car which captures a ghost I’m
Charlie and today we’re going to look at creepy things people caught on camera
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bill to coming up first we have knife woman this video was posted on reddit
about 1 day ago by a user named Royale fuh they said their dad’s friend from
work has a doorbell camera but the other night he woke up to something very
strange his smart door camera alerted his phone to say someone was at the door
late at night and when he tuned in to the feed he was absolutely terrified as
you can see there appears to be a paranoid looking woman with a knife at
his front door the woman seems to reach a hand out in a mysterious way she also
holds a knife up and looks around in a paranoid fashion it’s a good thing this
guy has a doorbell camera if he didn’t he could have opened the door and it
would have been his last night on earth eventually the woman walks away but
apparently the guy’s dad’s friend has no idea who this woman was
now maybe she’s just a friendly neighbor who wants to give him a free carving
knife but the most likely situation came from a user named captain ganks back he
said it looks like the woman may have dementia her movements are identical to
those with dementia and sometimes dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers can
be very very paranoid and scared next up is cemetery girl we all love Google Maps
it can be very useful to find where you need to go and admit it if you’re bored
I’m sure sometimes you like to explore a random town in the middle of nowhere on
this channel we’ve seen our fair share of creepy things found on Google Maps
but this is one almost no one has ever seen before go to Martha chapels
Cemetery in Huntsville Texas and you’ll see something very chilling you can see
the cemetery from above but if you go into Street View mode you’ll see
someone’s took some 360 panoramas as you can see from this view you can pan
around the entire cemetery but did you notice something creepy in this panorama
no well neither did the photographer but zoom in closely on this tree and you
can see the face of a young girl no you may just say perhaps this was a
neighborhood girl who was messing around in the cemetery hiding behind a tree but
look closely and tell me that looks like human skin this girl is way too pale
she’s kind of like a grey green color and many suspect she could be one of the
people haunting the cemetery so if you live in Huntsville Texas pay this place
a visit and see if you can find this little girl it’s kind of creepy that
this girl is the exact same color of a corpse the image has clearly not been
edited as Google does not permit you to submit edited images and the rest of the
image is bright and colored normally unlike this girl next up is Night
Stalker one night a man named Sean Tharp got a terrified call from his girlfriend
his girlfriend was working the night shift and had to leave for work at 2:00
a.m. as she was leaving her house early that morning she got into a car now look
to the far right-hand side of this video and you’ll see something very strange
you may not see what this is from the footage as it’s taken on a ring security
camera but according to his girlfriend it was a man charging at her out from
the darkness the man was dressed in cool casual clothing despite it being
freezing cold that night some say this could be a ghost as the figure looks
very blurry and transparent on the video but in low-light situations this can
sometimes happen on camera footage what’s more likely is this man may have
wanted to harm Sean’s girlfriend but maybe he then decided against it when he
realized she’d already got into the car next up is swingset this video was
recorded in Barcelona Spain someone was out late one night when they
saw something very strange half of a one swing appeared to be going up and down
all by itself initially when you look at the video you may assume someone on the
other side is making this happen but as the camera pans out you can see no one
is around anywhere the only thing that confuses me is how come the person
filming this is I would be totally freaking out and probably running away
but then again seeing us there doesn’t seem to be any danger maybe they thought
it was safe what do you think is going on in this video leave a comment maybe
this is the ghost of a passed away child playing in a playground or maybe there’s
some other way to explain in this bizarre video
next up is haunted baby this video was actually taken by a youtuber there named
interesting creepy and abandoned and they’re known for checking out local
haunted houses at first they’re venturing into this abandoned house all
seems pretty normal albeit rundown and abandoned but as they go to the second
floor of the house up a flight of stairs things get very very scary things get
even more strange when they head up to the attic everything is very dirty dusty
and scary but when they find another ladder in the Attic and go up things get
seriously terrifying as you can see a baby doll is hanging from the ceiling of
the basement what’s up dear oh my god just go look up there it’s been tied up
by the neck and left all alone there at first these youtubers probably thought
that was a real-life human thankfully it was just a doll but
perhaps that’s just as creepy what’s even more strange is it appears to move
around and spin to look in their direction all that despite there being
absolutely no wind in the Attic it was still before they walked up there but
appears to move around when they look at it I can’t explain that at all but can
you leave a comment telling me what do you think next up is parking-lot ghost
this video was taken in Serbia and it was actually such a big deal at the time
in the country that was reported on channel 4 news in Serbia the newscaster
explains how a panicked woman entered a police station she then told cops that
as she was walking in a parking lot something strange happened
she said something was chasing her and she ran away absolutely terrified
apparently would jump from one lamppost to another according to her she thought
it may be a maniac trying to take her life
the skeptical cops then went with her to the parking lot to check out the
surveillance cameras and this is what they saw as you can see in the halls
there’s a white figure moving around well this woman thought was a maniac
human may have been a ghost this thing is clearly not human shaped and is also
too transparent to be human being it seems to go in and out of the hallways
of the parking lot as the woman described but is this a ghost a maniac
or some else you decide and finally on the list
we have Tesla ghost everyone loves Tesla cars they’re packed
with more high-tech features than any other car on the market right now and
one of those features is the ability to see people around your car so you don’t
hit them Tesla’s cameras and sensors capture
humans it then displays them on the screen inside your car so you know not
to run into them but one day ago a redditor going by Mr P 99 submitted at
this strange video as you can see there Tesla takes a person in front of it
but when they show what’s in front of the Tesla no one is there this sensor
does not pick up animals or objects only humans so maybe this registers car can
spot something they can’t some have also reported the Xbox Kinect to also pick up
ghosts but what are you think’s going on here is it a ghost a sensory glitch or a
new feature added by Elon Musk but now it’s time to make your opinion heard
votes in the poll in the top right corner which video was the scariest if
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