8 Cinematic Camera Moves For Video

Eight camera moves to improve your narrative and your dock style shooting pity you guys are cheating Let’s get started see what can do Hi, this is JP Morgan today on the sidelines we’re gonna talk about cinematic camera moves You could have played both the documentary style shooting and your cinema style shooting. We’re using the nine dot solutions Sipan arm The reason we’re using this arms because it gives us both Great slider type shots parallax shots and crane shots We’ll look at all those and how they can improve your video when you put them together into the piece that you’re shooting This is not just for narrative. It’s not just for documentary, but it’s certainly used in both. Look at chef’s table They use a ton of camera moves and cinematic lighting. It brings drama to the piece. It communicates emotion in a way That is very powerful when you use the right camera moves So let’s look at each of these camera moves and the emotion that they bring and how they advance our story We’re lighting this today with our Intel attack light cloth. It’s a one by three. The reason this is nice Then telecheck has a very very low profile and well It’s a matte we could tape it to the ceiling quite frankly a little box is about six inches but it makes it easy for us to get this up to the ceiling and out of the shot out of our way if we Need to we’ve put a grid on it to make it more focused So one by three so it kind of runs the table Has a nice shape to kind of the same shape as the table but this grid allows us to kind of focus it right on To the table. We also have a two by two Intel attack light cloth in the background Kind of open up the shadows and give us a little bit of light on our sliders. We want to do picture in pictures So you see the slider move and you see? Actually what the cameras getting so first camera move is going to be a horizontal slider move This is a classic and a staple of every filmmaker. Just this horizontal slider move will allow us to establish our two characters See the game See the things in the foreground kind of passed back and forth just and introduce this game in a very interesting way So I’m gonna do just a simple slider shot across the two scenes. I’m gonna start here on key and so I’ll just kind of introduce John as I come across here and gentlemen, go ahead and start playing your cards there for me and Take two cards I can maybe do that even a little faster if I wanted to here and start off from the top. I’ll take two cards action The next shot we’re gonna do is a parallax move what that means is that as the slider goes around it arcs and It keeps whatever is in the center of the frame in the center of the frame so it allows me to get in here on Keith’s shoulder and As I’m looking at John I keep John in the whole time that he’s starting to deal His cards and keep him right in the center the difference between that parallax like I say in just a dolly Is that the dolly is moving past your subject is more disconnected from your subject It’s not as concerned about the subject a parallax is focused on the subject so it becomes a great POV shot a great product shot or a great way to kind of romance The thing you want the viewer to look at the next shot is an overhead shot or a fly over Reasons call it fly over is because the camera is moving It’s not just a locked-off overhead shot that overhead shot is used to create interest in the video To give you a kind a little more perspective It’s also a great time if people are gonna lay out something that you want to look at a map a book something that you want people to be able to see you get that higher overhead view now the viewer gets to see exactly what the actors are looking at So our next shot is a push in it can either be a slow Push in which just adds a lot of drama like you’re looking an actor responding to what’s about to happening or what is happening in front of them or gonna be a quick and wham like also this thing just happened to me and You get that startling reaction. I don’t try to pull the focus the whole way I’ll focus on my end and Then I’ll either set my I did my hand here a couple of them where I just pushed up to my hand Let it focus I just want to bump my hand when I do that, but then I will also just roll into where it looks like it’s in focus or Get that point just do it a few times where it feels like that’s the right point You get it to be in focus the next shot is a pullback If you do it quick it really is a matter of surprise or reveal We see him breeze gun up as it’s a way to introduce a new subject a new person into the scene or you can do It really slow where the camera just slowly pulls back and you slowly see Just the enormity of what this person has to overcome in the scene. Like they’ve got this long way to walk We’ve got this great way to go. Those are two very different emotions and very different pacing for the piece So this is a crane shot release a crane up or a crane down because just a matter you can come off the floor either off from his shoes or Off from his feet. You can come up to what I’ve seen it with his eye as he goes down for the gun so we kind of go down to reveal the gun or Over his shoulder to come up over his cars to be able to see John across the table there so it’s just a matter of creating a way to Direct the viewers eye to what we want them to see and to come from a low angle Into a normal eye level or high angle So this camera move is really it’s a parallax on a vertical crane shot Which is interesting because you go from this kind of high Looking over the shoulder looking down at what he’s doing shot and in that process He’s almost in the a meek more submissive position because he’s low and under the camera And as you come down, you really push him into a blow the eye level high heroic shot so he’s like the hero so you can go the reverse like I pull out a gun and I’m low. We got this gun, but it’s a banana and then we’re up here now. I’m an idiot, you know young Banana, I think you get the point. So low angle here Oh high angle more either can be neutral ish To more submissive and that’s just an issue or can just be an interesting play on that I want to see what’s going on on the table And I’m now going to let the audience see what’s going on underneath the table So this move is not a dolly move as a flat plane across our subject But this is called an outward curve and it’s done on these devices the Sipan arm or the c-pen are many here and what it does is it allows the Camera to turn at the end So it gives you basically on a like a three foot slider it gives you the equivalent of like a five foot Because the camera view is turning out on each end as you get to the end. So the cameras not turning keeping turned in We’re in a parallax which the lens is trying to stay like this. This is allowing the lens to look out So it’s like looking out and looking way back over here So it gives you a big sweep if you’re shooting a car or you’re shooting a large scene and you want to just show a Larger scene and a move that’s going to take in a larger area Than just your normal slider would straight across and you just put it on this outer curve and it allows you to sweep a much Bigger area so we’re in here really tight and gives me a nice shot between the two of them here So just that outward sweep gives me a lot more than I would get if I just sliding straight o’clock across here So there you have a look at eight camera moves that can help either enhance your video or really drive the drama of your video Depend on how you use them. These are not just for cinema. They’re not just for documentary or for interviews or just general production They’re just for everyone each one of these moves can be applied to your project and how you shoot So look at them and decide which ones are going to work. You cannot use all these moves all the time It will become just too much. It’s like eating ice cream, but every meal although even ice cream every meal is not so bad But you don’t want to eat ice cream only in every meal So you want to use them to try to communicate what you want to say and to start a visual dialogue with your viewer? So that the visual? Camera moves become a clue To the emotion that’s going on to the things you want them to fill and the things you want them to to Understand and the piece you’re doing the reason I love the 9 point solution Sipan Arms is because it gives me the ability to do all of these moves with one device You don’t have to have both of these they both will do all of these moves It’s just a matter of that outward curve Was so large on the big arm that it was nicer to getting in on the small arm to get that outward curve and more Of an intimate kind of setting it’s also nice to fly with this one, which is what I love to use it with It’s goes in your suitcase easy to travel with but the larger arm is great for Red’s for C200 all the larger cameras and gives you such a great array of moves you can do with it It’s very worthwhile looking at but most importantly I want you to share some of the things that you’ve learned about doing camera moves Show us some pieces put them up on a Facebook group If you want to make the transition from just natural light to strobe light Get our mastering studio strobes download it’s at the slant lens comm it’s gonna teach you what strobes you should buy How to use them and has all kinds of lighting setups. It’ll help you perfect the skill and be using strobes in no time so get over to the sling lens comm so that about wraps it up for us here today Oh Friday You better subscribe to the slanted lens because I think one of these gentlemen dates your grandma and they know exactly where you live So subscribe today keep those cameras rollin keep on clickin


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