7 monographs EVERY photographer MUST own

okay so over the last bunch of videos
that I’ve done you guys have seen me wearing this jacket that Brian Abrams
over at Amabilis is making they’ve got a Kickstarter going right now also has
this awesome hoodie use the Force Luke well here’s the deal this is the last
week of the Kickstarter campaign so if you want one of these you want it to say
deeper pixels or whatever it is you’re into now’s the time to do it and they
even have kind of an end of the campaign sale going on so I will put a link in
the show description go check it out so Happy New Year it is awesome see you
guys back and I’ve got a couple things that I want to cover today so let’s get
started I’ve got a few really cool photography books that I want to share
with you guys today and so basically what happened was last year at the end
of the year I did a video and it was my top ten book recommendations this was
the end of 2016 and I just because I’d done a lot of book reviews in videos
over the year I decided to kind of summarize them and kind of get my top
picks and most of you guys know I have a lot of books I buy a lot of books I love
photography I love printed material and it’s just something that’s very
inspiring to me and so this year rolled around and people started asking me on
social if I was gonna do another end of the year book roundup again and I didn’t
realize it was a thing but I’m happy to do it I did by not as many books this
year as I did last you because I’m rapidly running out of space and because
the mail you guys send me I really am tight on space and so just
depends on what comes out and how interested I am in it but I did buy a
few that I want to share with you we’re gonna go through these in just a second
but one thing I want to mention before we get started here is something that to
me is kind of exciting news I started The Art of Photography in 2008 that was
when I made the first video this year is 2018 I have now been making this show
for 10 years which is unbelievable I started out on iTunes I guess about 2010 or so I
put everything on YouTube and I started producing on both platforms and now I
have a Facebook Watch channel it’s been an amazing experience and I try to
communicate this to you guys pretty frequently but this show has changed my
life in a very profound way it’s an unusual thing to do for a living I love it I love opportunities where I get to meet you
guys I love the community that we’ve kind of built around this thing and I’ve
had some opportunities to do some amazing things that I didn’t ever think
that I would be able to do things like the Artist Series even like just last
month were kind of at the last minute I ended up just saying I’m going to
Arizona I’m gonna do this video that I’ve been wanting to do for over a year
now and I ended up doing like three videos out of that and there was a Grand
Canyon video and then I did some stuff in New York and there’s some footage
that I haven’t shown you guys yet from the New York trip and so there’s a lot
of opportunity to do some interesting stuff with the show and because it’s the
tenth year I want it to be as epic as I possibly can make it and I just don’t
want it to be another year I want it to be something that’s really cool and so
that’s kind of where I am with this and I don’t have anything to announce just
yet although I am working on some stuff that will announce it when the time is
right but this does impact the show in the following way because I will have to
move a few things around to make some other things possible and the big one
that gets affected is going to be photo assignments now we have been doing photo
assignments on kind of this weird schedule where every Monday we’re gonna
do something with photo assignments so I’ll either give you an assignment or
I’m… two weeks or so or a week I’d have a turnaround time and then I share the
work that was submitted with you guys and the biggest complaint that I get by
far from people is its just too short and it’s too fast to turn around and
it’s also I think been confusing a little bit in terms of what is the
current photo assignment when is the next one coming out and so I want to
make a big change there and I think it’s gonna be a change for the better
I’m gonna slow this down we’re gonna do one a month I think that’s a much better
way of doing it I think rather than having a whole bunch
of photo assignments at the end of the year I would rather focus on the quality
more than the quantity of it so what I’m gonna do is just do it once a month that
way it’s easy to remember what’s the photo assignment for February what’s the
photo assignment for January and it’s just by the month you know when it’s
gonna be due it’s gonna be due at the end of the month I’ll need a day or two
to put the video together but you know when that’s coming up you can share your
work on social and I’ll see it there so that’s the big change that I’m gonna
make I just think it’s gonna work a lot better I would like to get your opinion
so please leave me a comment on this two things one does the schedule work for
you guys do you think this is a fair compromise with all this is just going
to be a little less frequent work for me to do like
the giving the assignment is not hard but putting together those videos where I’ve got to put everybody’s names in it and I’ve made a couple errors in the past it’s it’s a
lot of work and I think this will just open it up and it allows us all to focus
on the quantity and not the quality plus it’ll give me during the month some
other chances to merge other content in with that too depending on what the
subject is so I want to know what you think of that idea and 2) do you want a
photo assignment for January I can do one but we’re already a couple days in
it’s up to you guys so would you rather wait and we’ll kick it off in February
and we’ll just do something totally cool so anyway I would like to hear from you
guys on that so let’s look at a few book recommendations I will put a list of
everything in the show notes below so if you’re interested in getting one of
these they’re all in a list together and you can find them on Amazon but anyway
what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna start with the color stuff and color
photography is a little bit of a stretch for me because historically my interests
and my tastes have always been with black-and-white photographers but more
recently I think this probably started with a Saul Leiter to a large extent
Ernst Hass who is an incredible photographer had a collection that…
actually there were two books that were released this year
this one’s called color correction and the other book is okay it’s more of his
set photography that he did for movie studios but color correction is insanely good
highly recommended and there’s another color photographer that I start checking
out more in-depth as well and I’ve been aware of Luigi Ghirri for a long time but
Luigi Ghirri a well-known Italian photographer has a book called
Kodachrome this is not a new book this is an older book I don’t know that it’s
in print and so you could have some trouble tracking this down but it’s
worth being patient to check out this book I actually bought several years ago
and I’ve talked about it a zillion times on this show but this little trilogy I
want to make complete with Sail Leiter’s early color it’s still in print if you
don’t have it it’s well worth it and what’s interesting to me and the reason
I’m including him in this conversation is that all three of these photographers
they all shot on Kodachrome and this was pre digital and so there really wasn’t a
lot of post-processing that was involved and the interesting thing to me is all
three of these people have radically different styles Ernst Haas’ work has
this lush feel to it – these deep rich colors then kind of the opposite would
be Luigi Ghirri who works in kind of these pastels with very minimal compositions
and their work looks completely different even though they were using
the same film and then Saul Leiter who also
Kodachrome comes into the picture and he’s got a very different approach to
what he does in a very stylized look and I think there’s an important reminder
here that we get really involved in the camera side of things and then also in
the post-production side of things particularly when working with color and
I think it’s a really wonderful reminder all three of these photographers to me
that there’s so much that you can do they all look different because of their
approaches are different the subject matter is very different the lighting
conditions are different and they’re kind of tailored to each individual
photographer and that’s where your talent and your sense of style are gonna
end up coming from not so much on the post into things so that’s why I wanted
to include these three in the color trilogy here next up is this very thick
and very awesome book from probably my favorite photographer in the history of
photography and this is Irving Penn I have covered Irving Penn a lot on the
show before and there was a book that came out a
couple years ago and the exhibition that I was covering I think was called Beyond
Beauty this is even better this is very much more complete in terms of what was
included here this was I don’t know that this was done around a specific show the
Met was involved with this but they are very involved with the Penn Foundation
highly recommended is the Irving Penn Centennial this book was actually sent
to me as a gift from Gabriel Wertman and Gabriel lives in Mexico City I met him
when I was down there last year and he sent this to me I it was actually in the
last video I did an unboxing this is Flor Garduño and she is a wonderful
photographer very much in the vein of Graciela Iturbide her work has a
mystical quality with a lot of symbolism included in it and I had to include this
as one of my favorites of this year it’s not one that was on my list to buy it
was given to me as a gift and I have absolutely fallen in love with it there
is some amazing work here so once again Gabriel thank you for sharing this the
last two books that I want to share with you guys these are not yet big-name
photographers I think they’re extremely talented they’re not done by big
publishing houses but you guys send me a lot of work during the year I’ve done a
lot of mail time shows this year and I want to recognize two people both these
books are available and I will link them up in the show description but I wanted
to give them a shout out because I think this work to me is extra-special and
I’ve really enjoyed it a lot and the first one up is Shetland OO which is
done by Tom Barr and some of you guys might remember Tom or recognize him he
goes by the name Ootlier in the comments section he’s a hell of a guy and
credible photographer this is not exclusively a photography book Kate
Davies wrote the text in here and is a documentary book on the shetland island
wool industry and I think the photography in here is absolutely
outstanding and what I like about this book is that it is not photography for
the sake of showing off photography he is telling a story he is documenting in
here but it is extremely good and Tom shoots at such a high level and I am
really glad that we become friends since he sent this to me and so Tom I didn’t
tell you guys that I was gonna be doing this so special shout out to Tom you
guys need to check out Shetland Oo it is fantastic the second book that I want to
recognize was sent to me by Bastiaan Woudt this is called In Marokko Bastiaan has
a very ethereal quality to the work that he does and this is my other favorite
book that was sent in this year I really enjoyed this as a very dreamlike quality
to it a lot of interesting things are done with focus points and where your
eye is supposed to go in the composition and the work is just beautiful and
absolutely outstanding so I want to give a shout out to Bastian once again too
and again both these books are available I will link them up in the show
description I hope this has provided some
inspiration for you guys and this was kind of my picks for I guess 2017 but
we’re in to 2018 now that’s over with although I have cool books to draw
inspiration from now anyway a lot of cool stuff coming up this week including
this disaster you don’t want to miss my review on the light l16 I will have that
out this week I’ve got a bunch of other stuff coming up as well love to hear
from you please leave a comment and until the next video
Happy New Year and I will see you guys next time later


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    I like the monthly schedule. If there was one for January, I didn't know about i t because I didn't get notified about this video until today – 2/1.

  91. stavari February 6, 2018 at 3:15 pm

    I would like to participate in the monthly photo assignments but i can't find them anywhere. Can someone help please?

  92. James Symmonds February 10, 2018 at 1:56 am

    You don't have too many books until you meet a few criteria. 1) They're stacked up at least three feet tall on every available horizontal surface that you need to walk, sleep or sit on. 2) Your house foundation starts settling weird. 3) You call in an art research library to come cart off a significant donation so you have more room for more books. (I used to work for an art research library at an art museum. I've actually seen all three of these.)

  93. John Ventura April 26, 2018 at 3:16 pm

    I’ve always wanted to join the photo assignment but I always miss out! So I think this type of schedule will allow me to join!

  94. DUONG RKUDO June 3, 2018 at 3:49 am

    I spent almost half of the video listening to things unrelated to the title.

  95. smita vinchurkar August 20, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    If i am in india how do i do an assignment?

  96. Vianditya October 24, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    Hey Ted, please talk more about Ernst Haas

  97. Pixie & Dixie December 2, 2018 at 10:26 pm

    The Artist Series is my favourite section in your channel , could you make a program about contemporary photographers? Thank you

  98. Jupiter Eye December 12, 2018 at 8:43 pm

    Erns Haas i possibly my favorite photographers of all time. It's modern but yet vintage, nuanced, with subtle abstraction in some of his work and in other it goes deeper into abstraction, colors are just amazing. His work reminds me of some of the Syd Mead paintings. Really amazing range of different looks.

  99. POWERFUL June 19, 2019 at 6:22 pm

    nothing impressive ?

  100. Bhabani Sankar Mishra June 26, 2019 at 3:51 am

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