6 People Catfished By Someone They Knew IRL | MTV Ranked

(suspenseful instrumental music) – Wait, do you know this person? You know this person? – [Nev] Do you know this person? – [Shawny] Yeah. – [Nev] You’re in trouble. – [Max] Someone’s lying. – [Nev] She might not
show up for all we know. – I mean, I’ve waited
maybe an hour before. Recently it’s gotten to where, you know, if it doesn’t happen
within 10, 15 minutes, then I just kind of go on back home. – [Max] Here comes a car. (suspenseful instrumental music) I think this is it, guys. (suspenseful instrumental music) – Yeah. Hey. – Hi. – Hi. – Nev. – I’m Heather. – Hey, hi, Heather. – [Heather] Hi. – It’s nice to meet you. – Hi. I’m sorry. I’m very sorry. I don’t know what else to say. – Why? – I don’t where to start. Remember Claire? – Yeah. – When my friend and I
made the fake profile and we pretended to be Claire, to see if her husband was cheating on her, I was just talking to people
and you sent me a message. You just started talking to me and I thought you were cool as crap, and so I gave you my
number, my real number. I sent you a picture and I was like, “Hey, my name is Heather, this
is what we’re really doing,” and you were not very nice. You didn’t wanna be my
friend and so I got upset, so I went and made Caroline. I originally did it just to be mean because I was mad at you, and then we had a lot in common. We like the same stuff,
we do the same things, we have the same personality, and I didn’t mean to
fall in love with you, I didn’t mean to start caring about you. It just happened. – [Mike] But why keep
up the lie for so long? – I tried not to, I tried to leave, then after about a month I missed you. How do you get rid of somebody who’s an intricate part of your life? Who you tell all of your stuff to? – What do I actually know to be true? – Yeah, I made a fake picture,
it’s not what I look like. Everything else I told you is me. – [Max] Do you have cancer? – No, I’m not sick. When I said that I was
sick, I was at the point where I could tell that
you were frustrated and you were gonna leave. I didn’t know what else to do. I don’t want to not
have Michael in my life, no matter how I can have you. Other than being sick and being a teacher and what I look like
and my name, it’s real. – I just don’t know why it took
so long for this to happen. – ‘Cause I was scared. I can’t even tell you how many
times I walked into your work and turned around and walked back out. I will do whatever I have
to do to make it up to you. – [Max] Do you know this person? Is that who we’re looking for? Do we get out? – [Nev] Oh, boy. – [Chelsea] I don’t know if
that’s who we’re looking for, but I don’t know why
Domo would be out here. – [Max] She’s not
looking in our direction. – [Nev] Let’s find out what the story is. (suspenseful instrumental music) Hello, what’s going on? – Before you get upset or anything, you know, I just wanna tell you Charles isn’t real, I’m Charles. I had a crush on you for,
like, almost two years now. I really like you. I could say I love you, I do love you, but, you know, I don’t wanna
seem crazy or anything. – Why did you keep it going so long? – ‘Cause I was scared. I felt more comfortable
being portrayed as a guy that I know you like, know it’s your type, and you replied back
to him and, you know– – That’s some (beep) up (beep). – I’m telling you now
to get it off my chest. I want to see if we can move
on to be more than friends. – [Nev] I just wanna clarify. At the very beginning,
you made the profile, you found photos of Jalil,
do you know that guy? – I don’t know him. – Just a random guy, okay. So you made the Plenty of Fish account, you searched and you went
and found her profile. Okay, got it. And who does know about this? Does anybody else know about this? – The only person I let know
was Chad ’cause I was like, “I just need you to do this favor for me.” He was like, “I got you, sis.” I had to make at least one call to make it seem like he was a person. – [Nev] Right, when you first made the Plenty of Fish
account what was the plan? – I was just, like,
you know, trying to get a more intimate feeling with her. Like, get closer. Like more than a friend,
like, type of way, you know? – Did you ever try to come clean or did you have plan on
how that was gonna go? – I thought about it but then, like, I would always just get too scared to just be like, “It’s
not what you think,” and then I would just never do it. It’s like, I don’t
know, I was just scared. – You’re my best friend. – I don’t wanna lose you as a friend, but I felt like if I could get Charles to make you some type of way, then I could definitely make
you feel some type of way too. (tense instrumental music) – This is, like, too much. You shouldn’t have did it this way. You came about it all wrong. I don’t wanna talk no more. – [Nev] Give us a second. – [Chelsea] My best friend betrayed me. – She obviously cares about you a lot and has lots of feelings for you, some as a friend and obviously
more than that as well. So she screwed up, I
don’t know why she thought she had to do this for this long. – Exactly, for this long. That’s why I’m really mad
because you took it so far. – Definitely not the best
way to go about this. – I wasn’t trying to intent to hurt her or do anything bad to her. She deserves somebody
that’ll treat her right ’cause all these guys
that she messes with, they do nothing for her. – I mean, when she’s texting
this guy all day, every day, she doesn’t realize that she presses send and your phone buzzes? – I usually have mine on Do
Not Disturb or something. I don’t let it be loud. – Do you guys sleep in different rooms? – We sleep in the same bed. – You sleep in the same bed? – Yeah, a queen-sized bed. – [Nev] Hey, Max, we’re just parking now. If you guys wanna come
outside, that works. Alright. – [Candic] Can’t back out now. – [Max] Here we go. – Here we go. – Okay, you ready? – Let’s do it. – Here they come. – Oh, (beep). – [Max] Wow, that’s Jamie. Are you okay? – I’m sorry. – I don’t know what to say. I just wanna know why. – I knew there was something going on and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and I did it to see if all
the issues we were having was you just didn’t wanna be with me. I thought it was me you didn’t want. – You thought that I would start talking to this guy as more than a friend? Why would you think I would do that? We’ve been married for seven years, I’ve never done that to you. Why would I do that now? – I don’t know, I just
didn’t know what was wrong and I could feel there
was something wrong. – What would you have done
if I did, if I fed into that? – I don’t know. My thought process was,
“Panic, I’m losing you.” – I get insecure, you know, I get worried, but I don’t pretend to be somebody else and try to trick you. – I was stupid in the beginning. I didn’t mean to hurt you
or do any of that to you. I felt like I’d betrayed
you by even doing that. The only reason this
kept going was because I felt like that was what you needed. You kept telling Titus
everything that was wrong, stuff that I didn’t even know about. Like with your mom, I didn’t understand how you felt towards your mom, and some things you never
told me but you told Titus. So the more I kept being Titus, the more I felt like I was helping you. Learning how and what
you were looking for. – It’d be nice if we can have those kind of conversations in real life. – I know and that’s what I realized, that I was never able to do that and never took the time to understand why you felt those ways. I understand now. – This is like the most
you’ve ever said to me. It feels good to know that
that connection was really you. And in a sense, it’s kind of a relief. Now I don’t have to tell you about Titus because the most nervous thing I was freaking out about was telling you. I’m a little upset that you
started it the way you did, but if you could be, like,
supportive like you are through messages I
wouldn’t need to seek out the closest thing that I can talk to. I don’t wanna talk to
Titus, I wanna talk to you. – [Jamie] I’m sorry. (upbeat instrumental music) I love you. – Is this a relief for you or
is it more complicated now? – It is a relief because the biggest thing I was concerned with was
that he wouldn’t believe me when I try to tell him I
didn’t cross a line with Titus and I hope you see now that I wouldn’t. – Seems to me that part of why this kind of worked was that as Titus, like, he could read your message
and he could process it. It’s one step removed
but it gives you time to breathe and think and
consider what people say. – At first, I didn’t know what to say, but I could sit there
and look and be like, “Okay, each piece I can
break down and, you know, “try and give an answer
to each part of it.” – Maybe in a weird way
you keep the phone number and that’s your, like, lifeline. There could be some ways that you guys can figure out how to make this work. – Right. – This is a really good place to kind of take things and run with them. I feel like you should just go home, be at home now together for the first time in months without this thing between you.
– Elephant in the room. – Yeah, exactly. – Thanks. – So you guys go, chill
out, and then tomorrow we can check in with you guys. – Sounds good. – [Nev] That’ll work? – [Max] Alright, guys. – We’ll talk to you later, okay? – [Jamie] I’m sorry, babe. – [Max] Well I know what I have to do now when we have an issue in our bromance. – [Nev] Yeah. – [Max] Just start pretending like I’m some girl on the Internet. – [Nev] That’s the best
way to get to my heart. (Max laughing) (suspenseful instrumental music) – [Sheklia] What? – This is Carrie. – Oh, oh, (beep) God. – [Talli] Are you serious? – Really, Terrance? – [Talli] I mean, I
didn’t know it was you. – You know this guy? – Yeah. – How do you know this guy? – We dated, like, 10, 11 years ago. – What? – This is crazy. – This ain’t right, that’s what it is. – It is not right, you catfished me. – Well, you catfished him too. – But still, though. – Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. So you had a fake profile. – Yes. – And messaged her fake profile and it just so happened that you guys actually used to date? – Man, that was a long time ago. – It was so long ago. – Are you serious, man? – Oh my God. – Time out, you used to live in St. Louis. – [Terrance] I used to live
with my mother in St. Louis. – Okay. – I mean, this is a first. – I’m like, oh my (beep), this is crazy. This was you the whole time? – This is destiny. – No, no. – It was a bad, bad relationship. – It was a bad relationship. – Yes, it was really bad. While we were together,
he got three kids on me. You told me you don’t even have any kids, you have a lot of kids. – How many kids do you have? – I’ve got four. – He had all those kids on me. – [Nev] Really? – Yes, he was just a
H-O-E, that’s all he was. – Talli-hoe. – Talli-hoe. – There you go. – How did you make the Talli profile? – It wasn’t originally me,
it was one of my friends. He made the profile. – Do I know your friend? – [Nev] Danell or– – [Sheklia] Danell? – I’d rather not say his name. – Wait, how did the profile start? – I had a buddy who was using a profile to get females off of it. – [Max] Why was he using Talli’s picture? – That’s something I don’t know and I asked him about it, he was like, “Man, look, it’s just getting me females.” So I’m like, “Okay, cool.” – But you don’t know Talli? – Nah, I don’t really know him. – [Nev] How long have you
been using the account? – [Terrance] About a year-and-a-half. – And who was using it before you? – One of my friends was using it. – So it was just like a community thing? – [Nev] I just don’t understand why you guys like using this profile. Why didn’t you just make a new one? – [Max] ‘Cause this one works. – So what do you get out of this? – Definitely didn’t get what I wanted. – Alright. I need a break. – [Max] You ready to go? – I’m just gonna– – [Terrance] This is crazy, man. (dramatic instrumental music) (crying) – So you’ve already had
a relationship with her. And you don’t wanna revisit that? – Nah, no. – What happened with this guy? – And you dated Sheklia– – Four-and-a-hour years, man. But if I knew it was her,
I’d be like, “Nah, no way.” God (beep), man. I actually loved Sheklia
but I’d messed things up. It got to the point where
I just got to walk away. – This is his life. This is all the females that
he’s cheated with me on, he met them online, I met him online. – It ended kinda crazy. It got to the point where she
started bleaching clothes. – [Max] Bleaching clothes? – Yes, like taking a knife,
ripping up my shoes and stuff. It was like, “Man,” and she pretended like she didn’t want me to go but I’m like, “Man, I can’t do this.” – It was just, like– (crying) – It weren’t just me. I mean, there’s times I came home and Sheklia was in the bed
with another dude, drunk. I mean, I guess we did each other, but man, this kinda crazy. (crying) – So you were really
in love with this guy? – [Max] And what did
you like about Carrie? – Carrie was more Carrie. She would talk to you,
ain’t no lies or whatever. It felt like it wasn’t no lies. You know, I told her things that I wouldn’t even tell nobody else. – [Nev] I’m gonna go out there. Just stay in here as long as you need, come on out when you’re ready. (suspenseful instrumental music) – [Nev] This is kinda scary. (suspenseful instrumental music) – [Max] So that’s it, those
were our three addresses. – [Carmen] No more addresses? – That was it. Well, let’s get back
in the car, it’s cold. – [Nev] Let’s go. – I don’t wanna get back in the car ’cause I wanna find him. – [Nev] I mean, we’re
trying everything we can. – [Carmen] Twane, the reason
why you (beep) stupid, idiot can never find who
Tony is because I’m Tony. – [Max] What’s going on? – Why the (beep) would you do that? Three mother (beep) years
of (beep) ’cause that (beep) ain’t (beep) cool. You get mad off that little
bitty bull (beep), though? That’s (beep) up. – It’s life, deal with it. – For real, three years? I’m thinking it’s Tony,
you ain’t no (beep) Tony. – It’s life, you have to deal with it. – [Antwane] That’s bull (beep). – That’s not bull (beep). – It’s over, don’t talk to me ever no more and I mean that (beep). – It was the right thing to do. – [Antwane] Will you please quit following me with that damn camera? – Yeah, I want a lot of space. Like, ten times more space. – I don’t even feel like
talking about this bull (beep). Gonna play me like that. Now I’m going around to over
three people’s mother (beep) houses thinking I’m about
to see a (beep) Tony. I just wanna go home. I’m going home, I’m changing my number, every mother (beep) thing and I mean that. – So this is, what, payback? – Yes, payback, payback. – [Max] For what, for what? – ‘Cause it’s so funny,
it’s so funny to me. Because he talked about me
in front of, like, everybody. So I was waiting for the right moment and that was the right moment. – Well, I think I share your confusion, disappointment, and disgust. Here, you wanna get in the car? – [Antwane] Hell yeah,
I wanna get in the car and take them (beep) cameras off of me and I wanna go home. – You can sit in the car. I’m sorry. – [Max] What voice are
you using to talk to him? – The Tony voice. – [Tony/Carmen] I’m just
calling to let you know that I’m thinking about you. I just wanna let you know that, you know, I do care for you, I do wanna see you. I can’t wait to meet you. – The Tony voice. He never actually talked
to Tony on the chatline, but he felt like he did
because I called him, like, “You met me off the chatline,” ’cause he always on there
and he give his number out. So I started (beep) talking to him. – [Max] So he never talked to anyone named Tony on the chatline? – No, I’ve been talking
to him for three years and I’ve been with him for three years. Talk to him, be with him,
talk to him, be with him. Instead of everybody that we know, now the world can see. – [Max] Well, what did he say? How did it start? – That I was a fat, hungry Kelly Price. Every little thing that
humiliate somebody, he has said to me. The best way I knew how to get him back is I know that he be on the chatline. The joke was always on me, ha-ha, so now the joke is on him. – [Max] You used us and
kind of wasted our time to get back at your cousin for saying something about you three years ago? – [Carmen] Yeah. – [Max] That’s just lame. – [Carmen] That’s not
lame, actually it’s good. – [Max] No, it’s lame. – I catfish every single person. – [Max] Oh. – [Nev] What? – [Max] We’ve got someone on a bike. Definite suspect. I’m feeling this biker. Wait, that looks like
the guy in the pictures. – It kinda does, right? (dramatic instrumental music) – [Max] Oh, wait, he’s dismounted. – [Nev] That does look like
the guy from the picture. (dramatic instrumental music) – Do you know this person? You know this person? – [Nev] Do you know this person? – Yeah. – [Nev] You’re in trouble. Someone’s lying. – It’s your ex-husband? (beep) – No way. – [Max] Is it really? – [Nev] Unbelievable. So you were lying to us. – You did catfish us. – Hey, I’m Nev. Why don’t you just tell
us what’s going on? – Did you know it was her? – No, not ’til I got, like, to right by this tree right here. I thought, like, this was
gonna be a first-time meet. That’s why I wonder,
like, what’s going on. – Via the texts, didn’t she
say, “Oh, my name is Shawny?” – I said my name is Shawny. – This is not Shawny. – [Nev] I don’t understand. – [Max] What’s your name? – Ebony. – [Max] Your name is not Shawny? – No. – Why wouldn’t you tell us that? – [Ebony] Because I thought
that you guys wouldn’t help me. – Help you do what? – I’m trying to get my
family back together. – You did catfish us. – You were right. – I was right, kind of. – [Nev] What the hell’s going on here? – Well, it all started
when I got a new phone and I called Brandon. – Is that your actual name? – [Brandon] Yeah. – He didn’t answer the
phone but he text back later that night trying to see who I was. He told me his name was Jack. – Why didn’t you just say your name? – I didn’t know who it was. I’m not about to just give
everybody my real name. – You know, I didn’t tell him who I was. – I just wanna get this straight. So you got a new phone. – Yeah. – Called Brandon and you didn’t answer. – No. – You then texted, “Who is this?” That’s how this all started. – Yeah, we weren’t talking at the time. We were in the process of separating then. – Wait, so hold on, and what
did you think for five months when you couldn’t get
this girl on the phone? – She said she was doing
music so I figured, like, maybe, and she talked
about traveling a lot so I figured– – You, Shawny, was doing
music and traveling a lot. You took every chapter
out of the catfish book. – Well, he catfished me
and I catfished him back. – When did he catfish you? – ‘Cause he told me his name was Jack. – That’s because you’re some stranger hitting him up, you know? – Yeah. – Time out. Ebony, you did all this stuff. – Yeah. – You lied to us, you lied to Brandon, you lied and cheated
your way here for what? – I felt like I didn’t
know what else to do. Honestly, we were living in the same house and we weren’t even talking to one another and the kids would see that all the time, and I just thought, like, “Maybe he could “talk to me as a different person.” How is it that you can just
maintain for five months being like the perfect
person ever just about, and, like, for 16 years you
couldn’t even get it together? Like, why can’t we do
that as Brandon and Ebony? I don’t wanna have to be
somebody else to be loved.


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    When Carmen did "The Tony Voice", my heart soared up into the heavens….and then I deadass fainted from laughing so hard.

  48. Gigi Crawford January 10, 2020 at 3:42 am

    Damn not the husband….. Gotta be more careful sis

  49. realniga 301 January 10, 2020 at 3:46 am

    #2 petty over some damn Kelly price

  50. Kidd Famous January 10, 2020 at 8:26 pm

    the tony voice got me done!

  51. Sierra 2021 January 13, 2020 at 6:17 pm

    #2 will be always iconic! His cousin made him look like a fool.

  52. JusSayJess January 14, 2020 at 5:11 am

    The you shoulda never called me a fat ๐Ÿ‘ Kelly Price will never get old

  53. Lois E. January 15, 2020 at 7:49 am

    #4 is my favorite

  54. Parris McQueen January 15, 2020 at 2:13 pm

    Domo knew she dont like girls but she want her she was just scared

  55. Nina Renae January 16, 2020 at 2:49 am

    Heather is the CEO of Cool as Crap

  56. Scarlet Valdez January 16, 2020 at 6:53 am

    If anything she could've cameback with some better jokes

    She didn't have to mess with his love life

  57. Skinny Mac January 16, 2020 at 2:13 pm

    #4 is how catfishing should be use……

  58. Candyyp January 16, 2020 at 2:20 pm

    #5 i dont believe Domo she whas grinning and smiling on the whole confession.

  59. Btk 2020 January 17, 2020 at 7:19 am

    #4 went from wow how could her husband do that to awww I wish I had a husband that catfished because he cares

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