4K Submarine Camera Drone in a Swamp

– Welcome to Florida, we’re in Melbourne kind of a little bit outside
of Orlando doing a shoot. We got a little bit of free time here and we happen to bring this along. Aquarobotman, (laughs) that’s a great name,
sounds like a superhero. Whoa!
– Super bright. – Hey you have you been drinking? – I have. (laughs) This is like an underwater
submarine drone thingy. Apparently this is like
a WiFi hub or something, it comes with this long
cable that hooks up to this. Radio and WiFi signals do not really go through water very
far, just like bullets. I watched an episode of
Mythbusters about bullets in water. If someone was coming after
you with a machine gun, how deep underwater would you have to go before they can’t kill you anymore? – I’m gonna say ten feet. – Assuming that they’re
shooting at you from like a 45 degree angle, you could
go like two or three feet or something and then you’re safe. The mafia comes after you just be like, oh yeah, well I got a
swimming pool, sucks for you! Just dive in, they can’t kill you. They’ll be like, dang it, another one! – They can shoot your snorkel
though so hold your breath. – Oh no it’s sinking!
– I think it’s supposed to sink until the motors on. – Oh we got an image okay! We got an image, so far its just sank straight to the bottom.
– I don’t know why it’s just moving along the ground though. – It’s taking us a minute to figure out how to operate this thing,
I think we’re gonna have to play with it a little bit more and we’ll come back in a second. So basically last night
we spent about two hours trying to figure out how to
get the Nemo thing to work, and it just kept sinking to the bottom. Eventually I talked to
Aquarobotman (laughs) I swear that should be
a comic book series. – It should.
– So I hit him up and was like okay what’s going on, and they
said that it might be missing a buoyancy foam thing
that’s supposed to be inside to keep the backside afloat,
cause I noticed the backend of The Nemo drone was
sinking a whole lot faster. We can’t really complain too much because they sent it to us for
free, but at the same time that doesn’t make me feel too good about the quality control of this thing. But anyways we had planned
an extra day here in Florida just to test it out so
it’s kind of a bummer that they’re not gonna be able to
get this foam thing out to me for another five days. So we have some ideas, I was
thinking a little balloon but Steve here had a much better idea. – I think we should use a condom, because it has far more strength
than a balloon generally, and it shouldn’t burst when
put underneath the water. – Alright so yeah, Steve
and I are about to head into Walmart and buy some condoms together. – (Potato) Which one
has the best buoyancy? – And PSI. (laughs)
– when you’re inflating it, its probably gonna taste
like strawberry. (laughs) Why don’t we just send this
in with it too? (laughs) – What is that?
– It’s a little sonar device. I don’t think we need it to be that big, we don’t need that much buoyancy,
that’s gonna be too much, this thing is gonna go
bloompt straight to the top. Where’s the miniature one? Steve go ask, I can’t ask that
would be too stereotypical. Dude let’s just get a flavored one. Does it taste good? I kind of feel like that’s too much, that’s a lot of buoyancy. If you bring it down it’s too stretchy, look how stretchy this thing is. Probably can’t come down now,
it has the opposite issue. We’re gonna go for version two and I think I’m gonna stick this
one down here this time. We should also make sure we clean this up and don’t leave the wrappers here cause people are gonna find
these wrappers here and be like, what the heck was going on. Probably about that much? The balloon keeps trying
to come up the side and flipping the whole
thing over sideways. Even just this is so much
better than it was yesterday. That one must be strawberry,
let me know how it tastes. – You’re not gonna do this one? – Perfect! The picture quality out of this thing is actually pretty impressive. I’m so happy this condom idea worked, tomorrow we’re gonna take
it to a place that has a lot of fish apparently, very clear water so hopefully we can test it out there, get some really awesome
footage over there. Til we get the actual buoyancy foam I can’t really tell you how it handles, right now it handles
actually pretty decently. So tomorrow it’s more of
just a test of image quality and can we use it to get
some awesome stuff anyway. Hopefully we see an alligator. If we could see anything
living with the camera I’d be pretty stoked with that. – Except a person.
– Except for a person, that’d be really lame.
– A dead person would be actually cooler.
(laughs) – Supposed to go a
hundred meters underwater which is actually pretty insane. – Oh here we are!
– Wekiva, Wekiva! – This is like a Disney theme park almost. I’m waiting for a hippopotamus
to pop out of the water. – Steve isn’t this kind of nice? – It’s like being on a date.
– Yeah, you brought those condoms though right? It comes with this bag which
is actually pretty nice, I got a little compartment for our reel, also it has the WiFi station in here. One thing I’m not a huge fan of is that there’s no on and off switch. Like to turn it off you
have to remove the battery, and you can’t turn it off
while the battery is in there so you have to store
the battery separately. So check it out, we got the live feed now, so I guess it’s time to
just send it underwater. Whoa the water is so blue
and clear underwater. I’m getting an awesome
shot of a turtle right now. Whoa there’s like a turtle
there, that has something attached to it. (ethereal music) I can see this yellow cable, and I’m just tracing it
back here to the boat. So it’s not like a drone where
it can show you exactly where you are on a map, but you
can always find the cable connected to it and you
can just follow it back. And it does feel a little
bit rocky but I feel like that’s just because we’re
not using the proper foam, oh there it is! Here, this is actually
really cool here switch off. Obviously this is more of a niche product, I believe this is over a thousand dollars, it is actually fun though. Like if you live near
clear bodies of water than you’ll probably have
a blast with this thing. We actually have a job
coming up where we actually do need to film some stuff underwater and I am scuba certified
but it’s still a lot of work to get underwater footage,
and its not super easy to. An underwater housing for
a camera like this alone is like thousands of dollars already. Scuba diving and filming
is really really fun but it’s pretty difficult. – It’s going face to face! It’s right there! (laughs)
– I’ve never seen you that excited Steve.
– It’s going right for it now. It just went right over it,
it’s right above. (gasp) (laughs)
– Whoa! Oh my God what! (ethereal music) – I don’t know what’s
cooler, the fact that we’re getting an epic shot
of a turtle right here or Steve looking this excited, I’ve never seen him so happy before. One concern I kind of have
is this line getting tangled, cause it does tend to wrap around stuff, but it hasn’t gotten tangled yet. You probably wanna be a
little cautious of going in between a bunch of tree roots and stuff and then coming back the wrong way or else it’s just gonna get
wrapped up in a big knot. Also since it is hardwired
it is kinda nice that you don’t have to worry so
much about the range of this thing, like as long as have a
cable, you’re still good to go further and deeper and apparently
up to a hundred meters. Here it doesn’t really get that deep so we can’t really test that today but for sure this is pretty cool. It’s always just so funny
every time it comes back up to the surface you just
see this little pink condom strawberry flavored. – I can stay out here all
day doing this actually. – The battery lasts pretty
good, we been on this thing for a while and it’s still going strong. That’s so cool, there’s
like a whole school of fish following it just checking
it out, that’s awesome. We gotta get on our plane
in like two hours so, we should probably get back to shore. Alright and we’re back, home sweet home. And I must admit I actually
really enjoyed playing with this and so did Steve obviously. Just one of those things that
you don’t realize how much fun they are until you’re out
somewhere just zipping around. Now I’m still waiting for
that buoyancy foam to come in so I can get this properly operational, but even with our own
custom flotation device it actually worked really well. So I feel like I’m gonna
continue using this especially if I get out to
some like cool locations, maybe places with sharks or
something, that would be cool. And once you learn how to
use this thing it’s actually very straightforward and easy to use. Steve and I had a lot of issues
trying to figure this out but that was really just
because it kept sinking to the bottom and we thought we
were doing something wrong, turns out they just forgot to
put a piece of foam in there. They need to go check in on
their factory and crack a whip. Cause how do you put this
thing together and close it up and not realize, hey,
giant box of foam missing? Damn it hiccups! It does have some pretty
cool features like this light that was built in,
we didn’t really get to use it but again this thing goes all the way down to like 100 meters that is deep. That’s gonna be dark
so, I guess that’s when this light would really help out. Now the app itself is
pretty straightforward, there’s not much to it and
you pretty much control everything from your
phone, again pretty easy once you have it figured out but, it’s not one of those apps
that you can pick up right away and immediately know how to use. I actually recommend reading the instruction manual before use. There’s not that many options
when it come to video formats, I mean you get your
resolutions of HD, 2.7K, 4K and all at 30 frames per second. It doesn’t look like you can hop into 24, you have HD at 120 frames
per second as well. Now I’ve just been using
it on the phone but there’s also ways to control it
from a gaming controller or you could also put on a VR
headset and look around and apparently this Nemo will look
around the same way you do so, that could be kind of
cool to test out one day. I mentioned this earlier, but
you can’t just shut it off you have to take out this
battery pack to turn it off or else eventually it’ll
just start beeping at you. And there’s also been a few
times where this battery basically got stuck in there, we both needed to really
crank on it to get it out. Probably cause we put it
on there then we put it into cold water and bring
it back out to hot weather, and after a couple repetitions of that it just kind of fused together. Another thing is that this does not record onto a memory card, it
has internal storage where it saves all its videos and photos. Which is cool and all I’m
assuming they did it so that they don’t have to have a
bunch of card slots open that could possibly get flooded, but the downside is when
you’re downloading the media off of here, you have to do
it through either your phone app or through your
computer and it’s just slow. It took a pretty long time
to download a couple clips off of here, way way
slower than downloading it off a memory card and also
this thing needs to be submerged in cold water
while it’s being downloaded or else it can possibly overheat. So you gotta take this,
dunk it in cold water and then hook up your phone
or your computer to it and then just wait a
while for it to download. But each clip does come
with a pair which is nice, there’s the full res, and
there’s like a smaller much more compressed preview file,
so I just downloaded all the preview files and then picked out, ooh I want this clip
and this clip and then you can download the full
res of the clips you want. Now it turns out the way you
can move it in the water, it can go straight
forward, back, up, down, it can also kind of tilt up
and down and pivot like that. The only thing it can’t do is
like a straight sideways shot, and that would be really nice to have because that probably is one
of the most popular drone shots out there but hey, for the most part you’re gonna be able to work with this. Finally when it comes to
pricing this thing out, I have seen the prices of these
things kind of bounce around a little bit, but currently
the basic package is about 1250 bucks and the advanced
package which comes with the bag and all this that
I kind of showed you guys is about 1600 1700. And originally I was thinking,
this must be a really niche product because how many
people could possibly live right by water and would
want to use this regularly? But clearly a lot of people do because this originally launched on Kickstarter, they tried to raise $30000
and they raised over 80, so they completely crushed
their target, and here it is. Anyways I had a blast
playing with this thing and you’ll probably be seeing
this more on my channel. So read some comments from my
last video which is all about this Canon EOS RP which is about a $1300 full frame camera from Canon. It’s an awesome camera for some people, terrible option for others but
let’s see, top comment was, My Canon 1300D works perfectly
fine thank you very much! Crying inside. (laughs) Actually that’s a T6 here in the states, but that’s actually a pretty solid camera. For the first few years of
doing video professionally I had the Canon T2I which
was my primary camera, very similar to that T6 that
you have there, or 1300D. And I actually did quite a
few projects with that camera, once you get comfortable with
it, there’s a lot you can do with that camera and I actually
shot a couple commercials, some of them actually went on
a JumboTron during a NBA game, all with a very basic camera although I did rent some audio gear and
the audio gear ended up being worth like five times more than my camera. Cause you gotta get
that clean crispy audio, but you pair a good audio
with your camera dude, it’s gonna look awesome. Denney says, “only one video
ago you were sponsored by Canon and how you start this video
is ‘I wouldn’t buy this camera’ (laughs) Keep up the quality content!” I love sponsorship, it kind of fuels my addiction to buying gear, they allow me to spend more time making these YouTube videos, but I will never sign a contract that says I can’t talk crap about their brand because that’s my favorite part dude. “Looks like you have scissor hand gestures when you’re talking.” Wait what are you talking about? Do I do a lot of weird stuff
with my hands, I don’t know. (smack) (smack) (thud) “I love how you kiss your bike
right where your butt sits.” Jan Hemstad says, “Gene
while miking up his client, this guy has no idea where this has been.” “Could you compare the Blackmagic
Pocket Cinema Camera 4K with a Canon EOS R, I
wanna buy one or the other but I can’t decide.” Hmm, maybe I will do that but
for now I will tell you that if you’re gonna vlog
or you want auto focus, you’re gonna film yourself
at any point, EOS R. And if you want like raw
video capabilities and, it has like an XLR with phantom power, and a few of their video
friendly features then, maybe go with that but the
best way to decide is just look at the footage side
by side and see which one you like better so, I’ll
put that on the list. Anyways I’m gonna go
look for some sharks so, I’ll see you guys later. (ethereal music)


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  98. Mick Carson November 25, 2019 at 9:55 pm

    Drone my ass. Its just a submersible toy tethered with a cable to a hand held controller, and that doesn't make it a bullshit drone. Go back to school and learn the definition of 'drone' , poorly educated illiterate dunces.

  99. Pieter Jordaan December 1, 2019 at 7:05 pm

    Generally wouldn't enjoy photography related stuff.
    Your videos are worth watching thought really great stuff…( not just this one but every video I've seen so far with you in it ) keep it up

  100. Evan Yoohoo December 6, 2019 at 2:05 pm

    BRUH the nostrils

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