360 Street Photography Tips & Tricks

Holy shit. Have I just found the perfect location for
shooting 360? This place is so good. I don’t even know where to begin. Got my gel me camera
I’m shooting this on I’ve got my theta s and my gear 360 2016 and
I’m just overwhelmed for choices. What will I do? I put the camera on the ground first or I
keep it on my selfie stick Will I have in my hand what kind of Photo or video will I shoot will be a tiny
planner? 360 video 350 photos these are the choices
you need to make when you’re shooting in new locations Making the right ones will lead
you to your best work ever the first and most obvious thing is you need to choose a camera
that’s going to be portable so you really can keep it in your pocket and then just take
it out in 3 seconds press record And that’s a no-brainer don’t over complicate things
don’t get yourself a rig with several cameras combined unless you do have like half an hour
Get set up making the easy for yourself when you have stunning locations like this. This is St. Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne,
you want to be able to shoot it quickly especially when there’s big crowds of people and security
guards and other people and members of public are staring at you and putting the pressure
on for you to move and you need to be fast and Portability is key you need to give your
camera and accessories all small a small as possible and easy to use. I never use anything
more than a camera and maybe a selfie stick or a little tripod either a little man photo
tripod or Just the inbuilt tripod for the gel me or the gear 360 but make sure it’s
portable because that’s going to make life so much easier means you get Say 5 shots instead
of 3 and that could mean we’re not getting the best shot ever on the 4th Go, I’ve come
to Melbourne to help out my old man. He’s an artist He’s done exhibition on right
now so while the exhibition dollars over and he’s told the shitload of panels check them
out if you want on the Instagram Handle is Richard Clermont. I’m also here to shoot content Sometimes I
find my leads dry up when I’m not out of Sydney and not exploring new areas and finding new
angles of the world so when I do get on the plane and go somewhere new I always make sure
I choose much content as I can because you’re going to need it one day like I will shoot
like at least three YouTube videos per city I go to. as well as potentially 20 to 30 photos because
that means you can post for three weeks straight one photo per day and and you have backups
in your reserves to post on those dry days when you really need them So I’m really hustling
hard about 24 hours left in Melbourne before I fly home to Sydney And I’m really keen to
just maximize my time here, and shoot all the best spots get the best shots possible
So I’ll have content for months to come Alright.I always like to try in both angles Go forwards
and backwards especially whenever nice old building like this often it turns out one
is amazing one is absolutely shithouse so it does pay to try as many angles as you can
as well as proximity This very well could be too close to the building I’m about maybe
3 to 4 meters often going back five more meters can mean you see details at the top of the
building instead of just a facade on the entrance So I’m going to do that to cover my ass. Let’s do this All right, I clocked about two
minutes for that one location two minute so even if even security did come and kick me
out I’ve got six potentially amazing shots realistically one or two of them are going
to be money shot I know this floatation is so good. They’re going to be amazing. So let’s take a look now at the 25 my God
the Father Challenger Who has a business book has got to be an awesome 360 shot or a Tony
pann here, too? Let’s give the guy a look at that Making me
hungry wow, yellow Whenever I’m feeling lazy, and don’t feel like shooting anymoreI remind
myself that later on when I don’t have any content to post in a week or two The stress
and the discomfort and the pissed offered nurse if that’s the word to improve in Gray
Dark And if I just call myself to shoot a few more photos a few more videos and really
shoot the shit out of this location So I can go home happy with no regrets, not having
wasted my time and gone home too early gone to bed too early But really maximized every
second I can maximize and Really? I think look what sets me apart from a lot
of people is I work really hard and get the best shot and I Will reject a lot of them
I take so many shots that you guys don’t see the good ones that I reject so many that I
take like I was probably one in twenty photos. I take because look likes it. I can admit that I take really shit 360 thousand
videos sometimes. It’s true but I don’t settle for posting them
So it’s really important that you really don’t settle you make sure your photos or at least
eight out of ten or a bulk posting consistently get enough content and you will start getting
noticed really quickly alright. I’m at my next location now, and I think of
a really good inverted planet here To be honest, I’m already 10 million potential This was
going to be an awesome inverted planet because the pattern on the ground is so nice and we
have such a nice Architecture whenever you’re in an old building almost guaranteed having
amazing type of land of some kind and you can see the architecture around here The roof
is stunning, the walls are stunning and the floor is stunning impossible to go wrong So
just take a few shots and one of them is going to be amazing Here having coffee with three
monthly 360 and three monkey. I’ve got to ask you. What’s with the monkey? Why palsy monkey playful, and I’ll have to
be creative yeah. Yeah, what other thing can I do it man? I like it It’ll thicken take it take it
Take it taking the negative second ticket Chickens and make them stick it stick it and
dickens Gonna get a ticket make it fit any political Take it to negative second to make
it a ticket the biggest chicken political ticket indicating it can predict it’ll Take
selfie with a fader, and we won’t go away Willis dividends got the shot and check out
Melbourne right now, the Yarra River run through the heart of the city and This is going to
make for a stunning tiny planet That you guys will see releasing Just put my 360 camera
down to take a break and have a coffee and now I come to this place And now I have no
choice to get my 360 camera back out a big thing for me over the past two years Both
with tiny planets and my youtube videos is losing my sense of public shame Just being
able to walk around and make silly faces into your camera or even talking to the camera
It’s very scary and naturally I’m not very much introverted So it did take me quite a
while to get used to being in front of the camera But once I did it really allowed them
to get my best content for photos and really just do things that are really silly Yet amazing
for photos, but also just really do this in public Do you guys there heaps of people here
and a lot of them are staring at me wondering what the hell I’m doing. and I wouldn’t be able to do that
If I hadn’t just dropped my sense of public shame and realize they’re not actually judging
you like they probably think I’m doing something awesome which I am and They’re not looking
at me in a negative way And it’s very hard to really get past that barrier because once
you do you’re going to be able to walk around in public confidently and be yourself and
as simple as it sounds one of the hardest things you can possibly do is be yourself
when the pressure is on that’s Been a big barrier for me, and I feel like I’m really
close to Fully getting over the barrier still got work to do, but I’m getting there Another
thing that will help you a lot is Keeping in mind that people connect to faces and you
should try as best you can keep faces in your photos and video Yes, landscape is so nice
every now and then in 360 and tiny planet form but people connect to faces and it gives
a human side to your photos and makes them more interesting and engaging and different
empty landscape, I’ve found has never ever been received as well as a photo with my silly
old face in it as big and distorted and hideous as it can be in tiny planet form But just
having that human element is huge or engagement and getting people to really find your work
amazing All right guys hope you enjoyed episode 5 of login360 be sure to get out and start
doing some street photography and 360 as soon as you can it’s very easy just go out in your
local city or go traveling. Next time we travel bring your 360 camera and bring a few accessories
and shoot the shit out of it really maximize your time in a foreign City and the rewards
will pay off because people will notice your work and shoots all the best stuff. You’ve ever shot so definitely Go do it if
you want to learn how to make awesome tiny planets like you’ve seen in this vlog or an
ebook will show you everything all of the effects It’s called life in 360 a beginner’s
guide to tiny planet photography you guys know the drill just go download it you can
read it Really fast and it’ll teach you everything alright guys until next time keep capturing
your world in 360 don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, I’m at Ben Clermont Also in YouTube
subscribe to us and also Facebook and Twitter as well for the details at the end of this
video and get out and shoot guys live life to the full shoot content hustle and Live
your life in 360


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