21 Strange Photoshop Fails!

What’s going on, guys? I am Matthias, and welcome to *deep slow voice* Photoshop Fails! (burgerrrr) Where you guys send me your photoshop fails That you either made or you found And I tell you whether they’re a win *video game victory sound* or a fail*buzzer*. And each one is a win in my book, because I like fails too. So, yay! Anyway, Brian’s here, and he’s just, like, crawling all over my floor. Today’s photoshop fails are all about food, ok? Food. Let’s begin. “First time I’m doing this photoshop challenge. Is this a win or a fail?” Oh, at first I didn’t even recognize it! It’s…ew, dude! Oh, nasty! It’s like…a sushi slug? It’s like, a sushi escargot. Um, that’s pretty good though… I mean, the work feels good. It feels like that was actually on there. Was that not actually on there? Like, a slug somehow got underneath, and, like everyone at the restaurant was like, “AHHH! NO!!” *strange Italian accent* Alright, that’s a win. This is definitely a fail. I don’t even understand it! *laughter* Brian: A potato dog!(A dogtato) Matthias: A potato dog? There’s just, like, no context or anything. youtubeforever16, what are you thinking, dude? Brian: You’ve never heard of potato dog? It’s a thing that’s trending. Matthias: I don’t think so… I knew it wasn’t a thing that’s trending! Oh, but this is terrifying! *laughter* This is by ashly. “And by the way I call it apple jack cuz it an Apple and jacksepticeye’s face” *scary music* Oh, that’s jacksepticeye’s face on an apple? That’s terrifying. What if you picked up an apple, turned it around, and that was looking at you? Brian: I would scream. Matthias: You’d scream and slam it on the ground so hard that it splattered. And jacksepticeye’s face and head will be applesauce. Yeah, and then you’ll have jacksepticeye applesauce. Eh, I don’t think, eh, I wouldn’t eat it. Fail! Photofailfood…Matthias…Jenpie..Oh! It’s a dog! Hey, that’s not bad! I kinda dig it! It has the whole appearance of looking like someone, like, someone just took a picture Because it’s so low quality You know what I mean, like, when you photoshop low quality it makes it look more legit. The Broccoli Dog. You shave off its head, eat it for dinner, and by next dinnertime, it’s grown back! Brian: That’d be so weird, shaving your dog’s head just to eat. Matthias: Hey, man, people shave their cats so they have cat hair so that they can make crafts with it. Oh…oh…wow. This is…not bad. Do you see my nose right now? Is it twitching? Brian: Yeah… Matthias: Dude, this is the weirdest experience right now. *laughter* It feels so weird, dude! Brian: It’s pulsating, dude! What the heck? Matthias: Dude, I feel it, dude? I’ve never felt that before! Brian: What’s in your coffee? *laughter* Ah, this is, uh, a fail. I’d eat it. And, I don’t want to eat a turtle. Shay Midnight…Ahhh!*nervous laughter/yelling* This is sooo bad! It’s so good that it’s bad! Oh my gosh, dude, Trump’s face(this is what happens if you vote trump, kids)…this is horrible, dude! Cringe! Cringe, cringe, cringing so freaking hard! Brian: Drop of the hat, dude! Matthias: Drop of the hat, dude. Guys, I give this a fai…a fwin(is that allowed). It’s a fwin. It’s a fwin because it makes me cringe so hard but so good. When Brian is home alone…P.S. made ice cream vanilla for you Brian. Brian picked out all these photos for me to look at. Of course you would pick this out. You just look at this and you’re like, “This is my dream come true!” That’s all your hands! How many hands do you have?! Why? And, dude, seriously? Veggie Pizza? Have some respect! You’ve got cookies, Doritos, ice cream, Pop Tarts, french fries, Mountain Dew, and veggie pizza. Brian:That’s gonna balance out all the bad stuff that’s in there. Matthias: Oh, right. FAIL. Dog chasing hamburger with raft kid version. Look up raft kid. Mediocre, but now it’s raft kid. What is raft kid? Is that, like, a meme or something? Raft kid…”I want to believe” *laughter* I don’t understand this meme. I’ve gotta find out. *laughter* Ok, I’m getting it. *more laughter* All right, just for that, raft kid meme wins. This is a win. “I didn’t make it, I just found it.” Now, that’s just mean. Dude, this granny, she’s just minding her own business. She saw you coming from a mile away. That’s why she had that expression on her face. She saw you coming, she knew you were going to do this. That’s just mean. I call that a fail. Background: It was good photoshop though! *Deep Matthias voice* FAIL. “Hope you like. It’s bad, I know.” You have no idea how bad it is. “Licky-lick. We could talk about this man.” *cringe* That was a fail. “Lady pear. I didn’t make this, but it seemed to be funny at the time.” That’s pretty good. A lot of freckles. It’s very accurate, with people and pears. Blue eyes, though. That’s inaccurate. You’d never see a pear with blue eyes. Ah, it’s a fail. Background: What?! Matthias: No blue eyed pears. I’ve never seen that, have you? Background: That’s the only reason? Look how good that is! Matthias: The big nose is offending. That’s why I never look in a mirror. *catcall whistle* Strawberry frog! Wow, the texture on that frog looks delicious. When I want to eat a frog, you know the photoshop has been done well. I give this one a win because I want to taste it. But also, I really don’t. It leaves me feeling incredibly confused. And when I’m confused…I’m delighted. Oh, boy. This poor orange! Someone’s scalping this orange. dude! And he’s terrified of it! Although, I would be too, if someone was scalping me. peeling me, and eating my brains. That’s a win. I dig it. That’s a win. This is not mine. I find this attire appeeling. (heh, pun) I don’t think you know the word that you’re using, but that’s pretty funny. It’s like, a fish banana. It’s a…fanana. Or….a bish. *laughter* You know, banana fish. Hey, be quiet. Don’t be a bish. Background: Alright, dude. That sounds so bad! Bish. B-I-S-H! Bish. Yeah, that’s a win! Good job on the bish! Bish. “I didn’t make this.” Why does no one make their own? There’s a lot–there’s so many, like, photoshops about foods and dogs. Why-why do people like food so much? Nevermind, I love food. I understand it. It’s a bushong? Background: Yeah. It’s a type of dog you have? Would you eat this then? Background: I used to have two of them. No, that actually makes me really sad. So, you wouldn’t eat a bushong sushi roll? Background: No. So, it’s a fail then. That’s Mike’s dog, everybody. Don’t eat it. “Behold the new breed of horses! The HotDogger! Fast and tasty.” See, this is great. You know, ’cause after you’re done racing, and you’re all famished because you’re working so hard, You can just eat your horse! Although, you could technically do that in the real world, too, it’s just frowned upon. *laughter* And it would take a long time. I mean, you can’t just bite out of the horse, right? Win! “DONUT disturb me! (heh, pun) I hope you like it, I have no idea how to pull this off, but I’m happy!” Let’s see what we’ve got here. Oh, what? Wait, what, is this me?! Why does it not look like me, though? Why does it look like me and also not look like me? What am I doing to the donut? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I don’t know, but I want donuts that big! It’s exciting me and confusing me at the same time, and that makes it a win! Give me the donuts, please. “I don’t have photoshop and I made this on a phone app with my finger.” Oh, it’s a dragon shrimp! It’s a shrimp dragon! The creator didn’t say. Brian: Unless you mash the butterfly, the shrimp, and the cat. What is it called? A…cringe fly.(?) A crimber-fly, yo! That’s a crimber-fly! No, I think it’s a dragon. It’s a mini dragon. Wouldn’t that be cool, if they had, like, little dragons that big? And they’d look like that, and they’d just fly around, and, like, you know. Brian: That’s be freaky! Matthias: Burn you? With their…flame breath? You wouldn’t have to get a haircut! Hey! WIn! *laughter in background* Pizza face! *disbelief* Dude…? Brian: That’s what you call a teenager with a bunch of acne! Matthias:*realization* Ohhhhh, ok! Ok! Brian: You’ve never heard that term before? Matthias: Oh, I’ve heard of it. It’s just been a while since someone called me that. Ok? It’s bringing back memories, dude. I’m getting triggered. *triggering in process* *rip* Ok, so, Michael G, I got your Twitter handle there, dude. I got that Twittler handle. I got you, dude. I’ve got my eyes on you. That’s a fail. Clearly a fail, because it’s inaccurate. Look at this beautiful face! Haha, pizza play button? Please make this a thing YouTube for those who have 10 subscribers. Ok, so someone took a picture of me with my golden Play Button, yeah, that’s right. GOLDEN. and…turned it into a pizza. For some reason now, I wish I got THAT! ‘Cause now, that golden play button is just sitting in the corner over there! I could have used that! Look at that face right there. I was hungry that day! I didn’t know what to do. Obviously, I couldn’t eat my golden Play Button! *cue sad music* I was lost. I was just a kid…just a kid. Just a kid, and lost, and alone, and hungry, with a gold play button. *end sad music* That’s a win. Good job. Now, give me some real pizza. “I photoshopped Luna eating ice cream, enjoy.” Wow, they actually found, like, a little baby hand! This is very dangerous, ok? This is irresponsible. You can’t feed babies ice cream! Ok? Brian: What if it’s breast milk ice cream? Matthias: Breast milk ice cream? Brian: That could be a thing, right? Dude, that could be a thing! How do we know that’s not breast milk ice cream? Brian: That’s what I’m saying! Why are you jumping to conclusions? I don’t know, but for some reason, that makes me cringe. Yeah, she looks like a gangster too, just like, licking this ice cream, and she’s like, “What?” That’s my daughter, by the way, guys. That’s my daughter. Guys, make sure you click on this video right there. I picked it out just for you, ’cause you’ll like it! Also, click right here to subscribe. Bada bing, bada boom. We will see you next time! High five!

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