#144. Breakfast with Donald – September 15th 2019

Good morning It’s 8 o’clock on Sunday the 15th of September 2019 Muesli, trail mix, toasted wheat germ, passionfruit yoghurt Bon appetit It’s quite high in calories this I think it’s something like 472 calories the trail mix, the seeds, that’s what bumps up the calorie count I’ll put yesterdays food diary in here I think it was fairly low yesterday ‘cos I had a frittata for lunchtime and a stir-fry for my evening meal I think I may have miscounted the calories in the stir fry ‘cos I used different noodles and looking at the packet it says half a packet Half a packet! was…297 calories or something I don’t think that’s right Try to equate it like with a slice of bread a slice of bread is what maybe 92 calories or something so half a packet of noodles isn’t the equivelant of three slices of bread I mean, it’s maybe more dense but I cannae see that so it means the whole packet is the equivelant of six slices of bread no, I don’t think so anyway, maybe I should put in, ‘cos it was the whole packet I had I should maybe, because it was fresh noodles Maybe I should put that 600 in for the noodles It could be accurate, I don’t know I doubt it, I don’t think so I bought it, I went up to Asda yesterday morning I don’t like going to Asda really I don’t like the staff there can sometimes be a bit snippy and I was using the self-service checkout which I mean I don’t mind using but they’re temperamental, they don’t read things so I was trying to read, it was a stir-fry I kept putting it through and I thought it had read it and I put it in my bag and it stopped, “take it out your bag” and the assistant came across, she says “it’s not scanned it” well, ken, I says I’ve scanned it about three times and I says, you know what, I’ll just go to the till so I put all my shopping back in my basket, went to the till of course, the tills, the checkout operators it’s like death warmed up sloooow Not like when you go to Aldi or Lidl, they’re like super-efficient, super-fast the ones, the people at Asda I don’t know if they’re trained to go slow or, I don’t know it’s like, it’s like slow motion anyway (/rant) so when I came back, I, well I had… the whole point of that wee story was I bought fresh noodles ‘cos they were in the reduced section 45 pence or something ‘cos I wouldn’t pay the full price for… so I bought two packets they are tasty On the way back the Dunbar.. the Battle of Dunbar re-enactment, the parade was along the High Street it was advertised as being on Spott Road I didn’t think it was on Spott Road so they were marching along the High Street, a pipe band in front eh, all the… the re-enactors I was gonna call them soldiers but I don’t know they were on horseback and marching in formation with pikes and things like that So I had stopped and I was trying to film it on my camera, video it so I had one, one bag of shopping in one hand and I had my earphones in, so I don’t think it would have recorded sound anyway it was amateur hour basically and then I set the recorder and I had it up in portrait mode so I flipped the camera into landscape mode horizontal and I filmed the whole thing, I tried to keep the camera steady and I thought I got some good footage I got home transferred the file from my camera to my PC it was like ten seconds of footage, just a small file checked it I had the first few seconds in portrait mode so when I turned the camera, I must have switched it off or stopped recording or something, I didn’t have any footage which was a shame because it was quite effective costumes and things like that, so… I was gutted about that anyway that was the story of the noodles I think I’ll edit all that bit out actually I was wearing my fitness tracker, yesterday for the walk to Asda and of course my phone tracks my steps as well on Google fit so, there was a discrepancy, a disparity between the fitness tracker, the amount of steps and Google fit, the phone and I realised, the phone was the accurate one Because, the fitness tracker, if I was, if I, I was changing hands with my shopping bag so when I had the shopping bag in my left hand, ‘cos I’ve got the fitness tracker on my left wrist that wasn’t recording steps because my arm wasn’t moving or very lightly, very little, ‘cos it, the shopping bag stops your arm swinging back and forward so that wasn’t recording my steps so I would either have to wear a fitness tracker on each arm I have got two fitness trackers or, just keep the shopping in one hand that’s not a good idea but it just goes to show you it’s not being recorded properly so it was over 7,000 steps that walk back and forward it’s over, it’s one point two mile or something to Asda from here it’s quite a hike but I don’t really like going to Asda Deelicious I’ve got one more day of muesli then I think I’ll try the porridge again the pinhead porridge and, that’s like four days worth I was looking at recipes where you can have it’s called overnight porridge or something you just have it cold I think what you do is, you soak your oats in milk, overnight in the fridge and that is just ready to eat in the morning I don’t know what that would be like it’s supposed to be quite nice with things added, fruit or whatever so I might give that a try I mean, it might be disgusting, I don’t know but tomorrow’s the last day of the muesli you get three 150g portions in a yoghurt pot, so that’s why I have it three days in a row I’m thinking maybe I should add another breakfast but I don’t know what I have muesli porridge frittatas and weetabix Maybe I could add, I don’t know bran flakes or something I’ll have to look at breakfast ideas I mean, four different breakfasts is quite a variety I think I enjoy all those breakfasts, so and they’re all healthy breakfasts no Frosties or anything like that even the thought of that makes my stomach turn anyway, I’m gonna have a shower and I gonna go for a walk it’s forecast for showers today I think I might go to Bellhaven No, actually There’s a park near Dunbar golf course, I’ve never been to and I think that’s where the re-enactment was yesterday I think I might take a walk along to that just to investigate I’ll report back tomorrow In the meantime Thanks for watching I’ll see you tomorrow, hopefully Ta ta for now

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