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(upbeat energetic music) – Hey guys! – It’s Brooklyn and
Bailey and today’s video is going to be an airport hacks video because we have been
travelling a tonnnnn lately….. so we decided to make
this video for you guys, so you guys can watch before
or while you’re at the airport just for some fun hacks!!!!! – But before we get
onto the video you guys, be sure to be watching
out on our social media, we’re letting y’all go on
pieces and parts of our music and you can vote and have your say on what we put in our music. So be sure to check that out. – Now, let’s go onto the video. When you book a flight
you’ll receive an email with all of your flight details. I like to screenshot that
and set it as my lock screen, that way when I’m at the airport I don’t have to go sifting through emails to find that information. If you’ve ever driven
yourself to the airport, and you’ve had to park somewhere, you know what a struggle it is to remember where you parked after a
long trip and a long flight so the best thing to do is take a picture of your parking space so
that when you come back, you can just look at the picture and remember exactly
where your car is parked. (alarm ringing) – One of the tips we have for you guys is to get to the airport at least one hour before your flight takes off, that way you can get
through the security line, take care of your luggage, and also maybe get something to eat. Most luggage comes in the
same three generic colors, red, black and white, so
if you want to be able to identify your bag when it’s
coming around the carousel, just tag it with something
really identifiable like my cheetah print little
tag that I have right here, and then it’s easy to pick
out when it comes around. – One of the biggest struggles while walking through the
airport is trying to handle all of the suitcases at the same time, so one trick that we learned
is if you pull up both handles on the suitcases and
put them back to back, it makes it so much easier
to handle the luggage. – When you’re deciding
between the left lane and the right lane for the security check, always pick the left lane
because less of the world is left handed, therefore
the line will be shorter. If you guys have travelled
on an airplane before, one of the things they
make you do is throw away water bottles that you have in your bag so we like to pack an empty water bottle so that way when we get on
the other side of security we can fill it up instead of having to buy the really expensive water
bottles at the airport. – When you’re travelling it’s
always smart to bring a jacket because there’s three
uses for your jacket. The first one is to use it like a jacket to keep you warm because
planes tend to be chilly. Trust me, I would know. The second purpose is
to use it as a blanket for when you’re taking naps in the seats or you wanna take a nap in your plane, it’s just like a nice
little warm comforter. And the third use is if you’re tired and you need a place to lay down, your jacket provides a really great pillow so that if you wanna take a nap somewhere comfortable, you can. (upbeat music) It’s always smart to bring hand sanitizer to the airport because you’ll
be touching a lot of things and, like, MILLIONS of people have touched them and you don’t know where they’ve been so it’s smart to just hand sanitize every once in a while to keep you from getting sick while travelling. – Alright you guys I have a confession. For some reason when I
travel, I tend to think my breath smells terrible, and also when I ride the airplanes my ears get clogged up
due to the pressure. So one of the things that I do to help fix both of those problems
is pack chewing gum so I can chew that, my jaws moving and my ears won’t get clogged up, and also my breath is minty. If you’re a contact wearer
like me you know that sleeping in your contacts
can irritate your eyes, so I always wear my glasses
and pack my contacts so that as soon as I get off the plane I can switch to my contacts and be ready to go for the day. – Since we have lots of little siblings that sometimes travel with us, we always pack an
inflatable ball to blow up so that if they get bored at the airport they have something to play with, but it also folds up really easy so that it doesn’t take up lots of space. – Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you got some helpful
tips for your upcoming round the world travels. Be sure to check out
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