11 Smart Phone Hacks 2020 and iPhone DIY Case Design Ideas

Holy Snokes! What force are they using to
create such holograms?? The future is here and you know it, Emma! Instead of dreaming, use science fiction as an inspirator. Here on the dark side of the bed, you can always find a box of forgotten items. Oh don’t worry, he won’t mind! Although I would rather call them classics instead of old. Good thing your brother has a tendency to collect things and forget about them afterward. Back to the future, girl, let’s make this science fictional hologram real! Shall we give
those old CDs a little remix? Switch the old label into a plain black sheet of paper. Add a generous amount of hot glue instead of the CD in order to attach another piece. Drop an additional line of hot glue in the middle of the black paper. And stick the other case on the spot to form a 90 degree angle. Now lift the lid to form a glass box just like that. Fix it up using tape and we’re
finished! The transparent piece and the black background works best for a hologram box. It looks like this tiny elephant is taking a walk inside this
box. I guess there’s no need to travel far into the future to have holograms like this, huh? Here, kitty kitty! Where do we use all these excess popsicle sticks? With the help of our good old hot glue gun – anything is possible! Go ahead and make a fence if you desire! But for starters, let’s begin with something way more adorable! One by one
and you’ll see the tiny TV box forming up! Just be sure to make it the right
size for your phone though. Yep, you heard it! Just the right length and width for
the perfect Simpsons watching spree! Darn it, where did I put my remote
control? While surfing the net Emily stumbles upon an amazing macro shot of an eye. Hmm… does a close-up of my iris look like that as well? Well, Emily, want to check for yourself? We just need to zoom in a bit more. Whoops… you got a bit carried away now, didn’t you? Better zoom out a bit girl and take
a look at those items. When was the last time you played around with this laser
pointer? Now that I think about it, how come the light of this small thing can travel so far? This tiny lens inside is pretty handy, isn’t it? Is there a way to
use this tiny piece to your advantage? Using a pair of pliers you should be
able to disassemble the pointer to remove the lens. A simple hairpin will
help you to handle it. Put it on your phone camera and fasten it up using a
piece of tape. Really? That’s it? Does your newly upgraded phone cam work though? Wow…
The macro effect is so vivid now! Yes! It looks perfect! It seems Emily is far from finished though! Shall we take a photo of mr.
Washington’s eye as well? Now you don’t have to buy a super expensive camera. Saving quite a few dollars! Instead of playing around with these colored beads,
shall we make something more useful out of them? Grab a pegboard and start arranging them. Guess, who just got out of the pipe? Cover it with a piece of baking paper and iron it in order to melt them a bit. Take off the pegboard and now get your plain phone case ready. Cover the melted side
with a layer of hot glue and stick it on the case. Yep, that’s it! Your custom phone
case is ready to be admired! I wonder what Princess Peach is gonna
think about it! If you can’t see this spray bottle, I think it’s time to clean
your phone screen, don’t you think? Make a mixture out of distilled water and the
same amount of 70% rubbing alcohol. Now grab an old towel and using a
sharpie mark the width of the bottle and crop it out. Let’s take a couple of small
velcro pieces. Glue one on the towel, the other on the bottom
of the bottle. Now you can attach or remove the towel piece anytime you want. The alcohol inside will surely remove any stain on your phone no matter how greasy it is. And use the towel part for the finishing touch. For a neat decoration, let’s attach a line art drawing of your choice onto your phone. Now wrap a piece of baking paper around it. Get your hot glue gun ready because
we’re about to trace the contours of the drawing. Let it dry for a bit and use
nail polish to add some colors into the ornament. Don’t forget the sides as well! As soon as it dries you may remove the finished case from your phone. We’re all done! Say goodbye to those pricey phone cases and make a custom one of your own! This old watch deserves to be at least recycled. First, remove the straps. Connect the ends. It may look ridiculous now but bear with me! Grab your phone case and a
glue gun. Stick the straps on to the case. Let it dry for a bit and we’re done! I couldn’t picture myself without this phone hack! Do we really need this card
holder? Instead, let’s make it more practical! Just cut off all the
unnecessary parts. And glue it directly onto your phone case. Everything in one place! What a smooth operator! Do you even need a
wallet these days? Nope, won’t be wearing that ever again. But we can surely make something out of this pocket. Just crop out a gap over here. We’re planning to make it wider so crop tiny corners here as well. And use a hot glue
gun to fix up those corners and the excess fabric. Feel free to decorate it
any way you want. Hang it on the charger and put your phone inside it. What a good
way to handle short cable situations like these! Noooo… Madison wants to sleep… Uh, darn it… Not today, clock… Enough already you stupid…! Whew… Okay, may as well get up and get going. Urgh… Just five more minutes… Haven’t we heard
that one before, hey Madison? It’s ringing again already! Okay, five more minutes… what can possibly be wrong with a little morning snooze… Gyargh! Oh well… Let’s check what’s going on in the virtual world first… Check email… Check Facebook… Check Whatsapp… Check Twitter… Whoa whoa whoa there!!!
It’s HOW late?! Oh look at these two lovebirds chatting away as if the world around them didn’t exist! Cheers you two! It’s getting pretty hot in here, you know
what we’re saying? So romantic it’s almost too much. W… whoops. What’s going on? Oh, telephone. It’s good ol’ Adam rescuing us from a special moment. Not now! No! Later, man, later! No, you can’t eat that old cheese from the
fridge it’s a month out-of-date! Wow, guys, romantic candle lit atmosphere totally
ruined. But you know what? You might actually have something more in common. Remember those times when mobile phones were indestructible? Madison remembers. Yikes. Your landlord won’t be happy about this. Let’s just blame it on his cat! He wouldn’t believe the real story anyway! Watch out, Madison! Oh goodness gracious no this is unbearable to watch… And the screen is broken! Just as expected… She bought it just a month ago! NOOOO… Finally an evening just for you, Jacob! What do we have here in your treasure chest? Let’s start it off with a bit of Tetris. Remember to feed that Tamagotchi. Playing cards maybe? Nothing like a couple hours of video games! Yeah, take that mr. Robotnik! You’re the best! Gotta level up in Tetris. Gotta take my duck for a walk. Gotta fight me some orcs. Solitaire I guess is fine too… It is if that little thing sucked the whole energy out of him… Time for a little photo shoot! Yay! This is so exciting! What’s it like?? Holy smokes! All blurry, smudgy, overexposed and badly cropped. That’ll do! You can put that one
on your resume, Madison! Cheers! Let’s try this side now. Okay, how about
that? Still not ready? How’s it so difficult to take a good selfie nowadays? Left side, right side, smiling, frowning, duck face… Maybe it’s your hair? Try to shake it up. Oh yeah, baby. Whoa, her phone almost broke
on that one. Maybe it’s just not your day for selfies? Hmm… Okay, just one more. Here comes the birdie! New subject in math class today. Better be taking notes just
in case. Triangle has… three angles. Whoa! When did she manage to write that?? No no no no don’t wipe it off yet! Did time just speed up while we weren’t looking?? Geometry? No problem. Time to take a photo of the blackboard. Just one little click and all the knowledge is safe within your pocket. Emily is getting ready for bed. When… Oh what are you doing here, Jacob? Hiding in the bushes? You know it’s not polite to spy on people like that? Binoculars? Boy this is going in a very weird direction… Should we be watching
this? Get out of here you creepster!!! Seriously
some people… Hey, whatcha clickin’ there? Oh it’s Emily’s Instagram page! Like… Like… Like… Wow that’s a lot of likes! Who is this guy anyway? Uuu, not bad, sir, not bad at all… Let’s give him a like back and start a little chat. Wow, imagine what you would be doing to get a girl’s attention if you didn’t have a smartphone! And then he took her to the… Wait a minute… Doctor’s appointment! 1:30! And now it’s already… Wow, Madison, you are SO late! Run! Which article about cats was it? Oh look, it’s
almost time for your appointment, Madison! Good thing you put up a reminder, right? Such a useful little thing! Hey, Crafty Pandas! I hope you enjoyed
these life hacks! Let us know which of them you’re gonna use next in the
comments down below. If you want to learn more feel free to check out our older
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