1-Minute Photoshop – Remove Dark Circles Naturally

Today I’m going to show you how to naturally
remove dark circles in Photoshop in Just One Minute! With the Background layer selected, press
Ctrl/Command + J, to make a copy. Now, select the Background Layer again, and
click on the New Layer button to create a layer between them. Select Layer 1, and then go to Filter, and
then Convert for Smart Filters. To convert it into a Smart Object, Hit OK. And then go to Filter again, Other, and then,
High Pass. Now, keep the value 0.1, keep on increasing
it. Stop at the point where you begin to see the
dark circle. So, I’m going to stop at 4.7, Hit OK. Now, change the Blend Mode from Normal to
Overlay. Hold the Alt/Option, click on the line between
these two layers. Just like that. Select Layer 2. Select the eyedropper tool. Make sure the sample in Current & Below, and
the Sample Size is 5 by 5. Take the brush. Zoom in to the eye bag. Hold the Alt/Option. Sample from the brighter area. Then, just paint on a darker area. Now, it is too much. Decrease the flow to somewhere around 5 percent,
and do the same. Keep on doing it and you will easily, naturally,
very nicely, beautifully, remove the dark circle.

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