Интересный эффект появления фотографии в After Effects – AEplug 108

Hello! I was asked to tell how to do this effect pictures disintegrating into layers I was curious and I decided to try it and recreate to understand how it works effect we will be creating in the composition composition for photos is square – Transferring photos resize this effect look good for picture, which has a bright and dark areas the image disintegrate into layers Transferring photos to the composition make a 3D layer We use the Extract effect select the Luminosity channel That creates transparency so obtained layers and we will use expressions with ALT click on the stopwatch and enable expression by experience I have picked up the best values so we get about 10 layers index * 30 index is a number of a layer simply use the math to get the desired value duplicate the layer shifting range and depends on the layer number here you can choose the softness of the edges I think 30 is enough Now arrange the layers in space write a formula for the center of the composition multiply the index the number of bias now every new layer will be shifted in Z-axis and has unique mask create a new null object drag down create the effect Slider Control special effects that can be used as input Data for expressions this number should be multiplied by Index Now the image moving by number when creating clones, the distance between the image will increase the image begins to decompose into layers one more thing when the layer is closer to the camera it will appear harshly I would avoid this I found a lesson here the author says about a similar effect to make expression to calculate the distance between the camera and the layer and this value controls the layer transparency We do like this (this formula in the description to the clip on YouTube) this expression we use on transparency remove unnecessary layers paste formula and now if the object is closer to the camera I show how it works He very smoothly loses its transparency exactly what is needed turn expression
turn effect and make copies until the last picture closes the last nine while it looks as a picture but the layers are already here look good picture, which has a lot of different areas so the effect on the face is weak let’s try a different photo The picture here is easy to replace This is how reset to 0 move the camera look on do animation I decided that the center of the composition better placed elsewhere I think it would be better to look remove a large area out of ​​the camera turn to animation 5 seconds of animation until the final position by adding the rotational axis Z and the slider make animation at this point it will begin Set the value at the beginning camera just move aside here and turn Now at the end made Easy F9 button That’s what happened I think slowly for all segments turn on Motion Blur and increase the overall speed twice I’ve highlighted all the keys move with ALT for faster better so easy we did this effect What would make more layers remove all the layers here change the range to 20 and we need to make such more layers much more as long as they do not fill all the space turn off this I increased the number of layers effect a better That’s all! if you want move to the other side We move the camera and slider the other way something interesting that’s all do not forget to Like video and subscribe to the channel and watching my other tutors 😉 there are a lot of useful and interesting Bye!

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